‘Killadi Raman,' starring Mukesh and Siddique, is a slapstick comedy on the vagaries and paradoxes of life.

In a house on the outskirts of Thodupuzha, actors Mukesh and Meera Nair are deep in conversation. It's the location for director Tulasidas' new film ‘Killadi Raman.' Mukesh and Siddique don major roles in the film.

“It's a humorous film that narrates the story of two friends – Mahadevan (Mukesh) and Chandru (Siddique). Academically bright Mahadevan is now a struggling businessman. However, Chandru, who was never so good at studies, is now a rich businessman,” says Thulasidas.

A twist in the plot

“The story takes a different turn when Mahadevan witnesses an accident, where Radhika (enacted by Priyaa Lal) has been hit by a vehicle. He takes her to the hospital but it only lands him in more trouble. Meera (Megha Nair), Radhika's friend, approaches him and that is the scene we are shooting now,” says the director.

Mukesh says comedy is his forte. “Many think that doing one comic role after another can become repetitive and boring. But doing such comedy roles is like enacting a drama on a 100 different stages. Each time you enter the stage, it's a new experience. Similarly, I look upon each new comic role as something different and I always try to add a bit of freshness to each one that I essay,” says Mukesh. He adds that once in a while he enjoys doing serious roles too.

‘Killadi Raman' is being produced under the banner of Far East Creations International. Jagathy Sreekumar, Lalu Alex, Guinness Pakru, Kochupreman, Jaffer Idukki, and Lena are also part of the cast.

Cinematography is by Anandakkuttan. Lyrics by Rajeev Alumkal are being set to music by M. Jayachandran. Still photographer is Ajit V. Sankar.