It's a film that records the happenings in the course of a week from one Saturday to the next. There's love, crime and an investigation. And, what better way to capture the audience attention than shoot it in a novel format. That explains why Gugan, the cinematographer and producer shot “Sanikizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani”, directed by Ravibharathi, in the HDSLR (High Definition Single Lens Reflector) format.

Gugan is all excited while talking about the camera choice he made, as well as the difference between shooting using an Arriflex camera and a HDSLR one.

Why did you choose to make a full-length feature film with this camera?

“HDSLR takes digital film making to another level. It offers a lot of options when it comes to lens and frame, and it can also give good results in low light. And, I chose to crank my film with it because an investigative film requires more steadycam shots. HDSLR suited me perfectly because its size and weight make it easy to handle.”

And, it helps that

when one shoots with new artistes, and that too on a a low budget, digital filmmaking is the way to go, because one can shoot more within the same budget.

Is this your first shot at HDSLR camera?

Yes. My previous film, “Madurai to Theni via Andipatti” was shot using an HDV camera, but I was not able to use the kind of lenses I wanted. Hence, I opted for this camera this time around. Before starting the project, I spent more than six months researching this camera. I also saw a few films shot using this camera — “Slumdog Millionaire” and a few Hindi movies. But, they used it only for shot shots or for some patchwork.

I wanted to go the whole hog, and so, our technical director Udhay made a test print in Mumbai. The end result has turned out well.

So, what is the film all about?

Decision-making is vital in everyone's life. And, “Sanikizhamai Sayankalam 5 Mani” is a love story with a difference. The heroine's decision about her love leads to various twists and turns. The film is about the consequences of her decision. The story starts at 5 on a Saturday evening, and ends a week later at the same day and time. The cast comprises Sarath, Malini, Selvam, Malathi, Rathi Bala, Kannan and Ravibharathi; the screenplay is by Rathi bala; the music by Xavi; and the lyrics by Tamil Selvan.