Samuthirakani’s film in the making, Nimirndhu Nil, deals with corruption in society, although in a light-hearted way

Following the box office debacle of Aadhibhagavan, in which he was seen in a double role, Jayam Ravi's next film Nimirndhu Nil, under the direction of Samuthirakani, will also see him essay a double role. Doesn’t it put the filmmaker in a spot? “They are two different films,” says Samuthirakani and clarifies, “This film doesn’t follow the template — pitting the good guy against the bad. Instead, it will have two good human beings.”

The title of the film suggests that it has something to do with the realisation of self. “I have tried to address the problem of corruption in society. I believe that even something as negligible as not waiting for the signal to turn green before crossing the road is the sort of mass psychology that creates a corrupt society.”

While Samuthirakani claims to have taken up serious issues in Nimirndhu Nil, he still promises it will be a breezy film laced with comedy. “All these issues will be treated in a light-hearted way in the film.”

The filmmaker is aware of the criticism his earlier collaboration with Sasikumar, Eesan, received in general — that filmmakers hailing from south Tamil Nadu tend to view the urban lifestyle as inferior to their own. “I don’t accept it, for bad people exist everywhere. Chennai is no exception,” he says matter-of-factly.

Is Nimirndhu Nil yet another take on the middle class lifestyle in the city seen through the eyes of a rural youth? “The film opens with an innocent protagonist, who, unaware of the harsh realities of this world, starts his life in the city. I haven’t even attempted to write a back story for the protagonist,” he smiles.