The 17th edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala, beginning here on December 7, will showcase a retrospective of the popular African director Pierre Yameoge.

Yameoge will also attend the festival.

His films to be screened are: Delwende (2005), Me and My White Guy (2005), Wendemi (1993), Laafi -Tout va bien (1991), Silmande Tourbillon (1998) and Dunia (1987). His frequent themes are politics, humour, and reactions against the wrongdoings in the society.

Yameoge’s films focus on African life, particularly that of the people of Burkina Faso. Language is usually not a barrier for understanding his films as he tells the story in a realistic, simple and flawless manner.

In the film, Delwende, Yamago talks about the superstitions prevailing in Africa and on the traditional concept on sex. The film had bagged the 'hop prize' in the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. The cinematography was done by Yameogo himself.

The 89-minute movie, Me and My White Guy, is a humourous attack on racial discrimination and other social evils prevalent in the society. Another of Yameogo's strong movie is Wendemi which is also slated to be screened at the festival. It revolves around an orphan who sets out to find his identity. Laafi- Tuot va bien is the story of a teenage boy, named Joe, and his group of friends who come face to face with shocking realities.

Silnande Tourbillon, directed and written by Yameogo, is about the undercurrents of African politics. The highly influential movie has already bagged four international awards. Yameogo's Dunia revolves around a 10-year old girl, Nongma. She gets an official offer to study in a good school while living with her ailing grandmother. The film focuses on the socio-cultural problems that women living in the urban and rural areas have to face.