A Korean Film Festival, being organised at the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce theatre in the city, will provide glimpses of the Korean culture filmed by some of the best filmmakers. The films were selected from different genres — from melancholy, comedy to those featuring computer graphics-generated scenes.

Five films — ‘Mother,' ‘The Big Swindle,' ‘Daytime Drinking,' ‘Castaway on the Moon,' and ‘Tsunami,' — are being screened. The festival, which got under way here on Monday, opened with ‘Mother'.

Inaugurating the festival, Chang Hyunki, Head, Southern Region, Samsung India Electronics, said India is the largest producer of films and the number of films made across the States are growing at a phenomenal pace. Film festivals are a treasure trove of some of the best films, said actor-director Suhasini Mani Ratnam. The Chennai International Film Festival will soon evolve into the country's biggest international film festival, screening the best-acclaimed international movies. South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) president C.Kalyan, Indo-Cine Film Appreciation Foundation (ICAF) president B. Ramakrishnan, secretary E. Thangaraj, and Chennai International Film Festival vice-Chairman S. Ve. Sheker spoke. ICAF, along with Inko Centre and Embassy of Republic of Korea, is organising the five-day festival. There would be no screening on Friday and the festival concludes on Saturday.