Kollywood star Dhanush, who acquired nationwide fame after his song Why this Kolaveri Di went viral, on Tuesday decoded the success of the song for the students of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

“IIM-A is beautiful. Both d pple and place. Had a great fun session and students asked such sensible questions. It was a blast,” Dhanush tweeted after delivering a lecture to a group of around 150 students of Contemporary Film Industry (CFI) course.

His tweet prior to the talk was: “Gearing up to make my speech at IIM institute Ahmedabad tom. I don kno good English. But who cares, I'm an Indian. Not English. Hehe. God bless.”

IIM-A had started CFI from 2009 with focus on commercial aspects of the film industry, along with an introduction to its creative side.The Indian entertainment sector is growing at over 14 per cent annually.


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