Fans of actor Sivaji Ganesan have reason to cheer. Following the recent screening of ‘Gauravam', which had admirers flock to the theatre, a digitally enhanced version of the actor's super hit ‘Karnan' is getting ready for release later this year.

Santhi Chockalingam and her husband G. Chockalingam of Divya Films, who have taken the initiative, are die-hard fans of the actor, and particularly of this film. “We are trying our best to revive the film, using additional digital inputs in visual and sound effects,” Ms. Chockalingam says.

‘Karnan', directed by B.R. Panthulu in 1964, is considered a classic for many reasons, including the stunning performances of Siivaji as Karnan and N.T. Rama Rao as Lord Krishna, the powerful battlefield sequences and the music score and songs by the inimitable Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy duo with Kannadasan's striking lyrics.

“We have procured the rights from Raj TV and are considering different options for the special effects. We even approached MSV sir to see if we can have the music score played again so that the sound is enhanced considerably,” Mr. Chockalingam says.

The couple, who have earlier re-released some of MGR's hits, chose ‘Karnan' because of the emphasis it places on friendship and loyalty. Actor-director Cheran and actor-playwright Y. Gee. Mahendra, who are ardent Sivaji Ganesan fans, have assured their support to the project, she said.


Meera SrinivasanJune 28, 2012