Kamal Haasan on Wednesday said he had not dropped plans to release his trilingual Vishwaroopam on the direct-to-home platform.

He was considering the advice of his industry peers to release it on the platform the day it would be released in theatres. However, he is yet to confirm the date.

Addressing a press conference at the Rajkamal Films office in the city here, the film-maker said he had postponed the release of the film as per his convenience and not because of arm-twisting by any section of the film industry that has been up in arms over the decision to premiere the movie on the DTH platform.

The film was originally planned to be released as a single special show on the DTH platform on January 10 and in theatres on January 11.

“I have not dropped the plans to release the movie on DTH,” he said in a telephonic conversation with The Hindu after the press conference. “I am still discussing with my DTH partners on how to take the reach of the movie further. There has been some confusion among consumers on how to order the movie. They can use this time to explain it better to the subscribers and get them enrolled.”

The film-maker, however, did not categorically announce the revised release date.

"There are plenty of considerations, because it is going to be a simultaneous release in Telugu and Hindi as well. There is also the overseas release to coordinate. I will make an authoritative announcement on the release of the film once everything is decided.”

Unfair trade practice

He also sounded a warning to theatre owners and distributors, who had opposed his move to release the movie on DTH, stating that denying him cinema halls to release the movie was an unfair trade practice using a position of dominance. “I am a businessman adhering to the laws of the land and exploring new avenues for business not just for myself but for the entire film industry,” he said. “My legal team will serve notices to some parties under provision of the Competition Act, 2002. There must be a level-playing field for all film-makers to do their business.”

The legal notice is to be served to 13 parties, but the film-maker refused to identify them.

“This is a misunderstanding and I may have to work with the same people in the future. I do not want to embarrass them.”

The actor, however, referred to the December 12 resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association and the Federation of Tamil Nadu Distributors that reportedly decided not to lend support to any movie released on the DTH or any other platform.

Responding to a question on whether he was disappointed with the lack of support from the industry, Mr.Haasan replied in the affirmative.

He said he could understand actors not lending their voice in support as they may be worried about various factors but added that it was surprising that the rest of the industry was silent.