Actor Dhanush, who has been elusive ever since he began his whirlwind promotional tours of Raanjhanaa, finally met journalists in Chennai to talk about his much-hyped Bollywood debut (dubbed Ambikapathy in Tamil). Accompanying him were his co-star Sonam Kapoor (dressed in a traditional red sari), director Anand Rai and the film’s producer, Krishika Lulla.

Dressed in a silk shirt and a dhoti, Dhanush reiterated that he didn’t think of this film as his first Bollywood film, but as just another film. “I was, at first, a little hesitant. But when I heard the script, I understood this lover-boy role was something I always felt comfortable doing in Tamil. I convinced myself to do it,” Dhanush said.

On how he managed to speak ‘decent’ Hindi, he said, “Dubbing was difficult. But, the director took me around Benares, and that helped me a lot.”

The actor was surprised when someone pointed out that some of his performances had shades of Kamal Haasan in it. “I have been told I imitated Rajinikanth. I have grown up watching his films; perhaps, it is true. But, Kamal Haasan? I don’t think it is even possible.”

Every volley thrown at Dhanush was met with a measured response. For instance, when he was asked if he found himself up against the infamous North Indian lobby in Bollywood, he said, “I have not faced any problems so far. I was treated the same way we treat our guests in Tamil Nadu.”

Sonam Kapoor said she was willing to act in films in any language as long she didn’t get to appear as a pretty doll.

In the middle of all this, Anand Rai, who is working with a South Indian star for a second time, said, “South Indian stars are simple people.”