When an adult entertainer as pretty as Sunny Leone makes her acting debut, you don't expect her to come up with an award-winning performance. She doesn't. Because this is not THAT kind of film.

There are films where you just do what you are good at. And films where you pretend you know what you are doing. Though it shows that Sunny does try hard to act, it must be said here that she does way better than Katrina Kaif in Boom. In fact, they even look like each other sometimes.

This is the kind of film many will go to watch no matter how bad we say it is simply because this is the closest they get to see an adult star take her clothes off on the big screen in India.

If you thought Jism 2 has a unique story you haven't heard before, you probably haven't ever seen THAT kind of movie before.

In THAT kind of a film, the makers only spend time in writing down characters and locations because the actors know what the scene will be.

Example: Housewife, Pizza Delivery Boy and Husband. Or Patient, Nurse and Doctor. Once the actors are cast in the roles, they know what to do when the director screams Lights, Camera, Action.

Jism 2 is creatively bankrupt even in creating stock characters. So, Sunny Leone plays a pornstar. And the ‘story’ goes: Pornstar, Secret Agent, Assassin.

May his soul rest in peace, but Jag Mundhra knew how to treat these situations best. He never even pretended that he was making a great film. The makers here want us to believe that this is some Shakespearean drama, a musical even.

And as catchy as the music is, the drama plays out like a complete farce with only Randeep Hooda trying hard to give the film any semblance of credibility. He channels his Bachchan baritone brilliantly and is truly the only saving grace of this mess.

At least, Hate Story made earlier this year, didn't go around pretending to give us a peek into the soul of a woman forced to become a sex worker.

Dear makers, we know what you want to show when you decide where to put the camera. We are not complaining, really. But, when you make Jism 3, can you spare us the pretension and get on with the action, please?

Jism 2

Genre: Erotic Thriller

Director: Pooja Bhatt

Cast: Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh, Sunny Leone, Arif Zakaria

Storyline: An agent hires a pornstar to spy on her ex-lover turned assassin

Bottomline: Sleep or make up jokes to stay up