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Updated: February 4, 2012 18:45 IST

Jai Telangana - Call for the motherland

Vishnupriya Bhandaram
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Still from Jai Telangana
Still from Jai Telangana

The film revolves around the suicides being committed by Telangana youth.

The film starts with a customary song and dance on Telangana, depicting a gruelling montage of the many events that can be labelled as the Telangana movement. The song urged the people to take part in the revolution. The story then progresses in Yamalokam, where Chitragupta and Yamadhootalu look upon the symbolic burning region on Telangana and wonder if this drama will ever end.

A group of Telangana youth walk in, singing praise for the motherland — Telangana, when Yamadharmaraju is visibly offended because the Telangana youth committed suicide — a crime according to him. The Telangana youth then tell him that it is not because they were cowards they had commit suicide but it was for a just cause.

The rest of the story is about how they narrate the incidents which led to their death. High on melodrama, Jai Telangana tries to chalk out the need for a separate state. Even with a heavy cause as its core subject, the film fails to draw any emotion.

The film lacks sincerity and it fails largely because of that. Absence of a strong script and basic film aesthetics render the film to be an unsuccessful attempt.

Jai Telangana

Director: Rasamayi Balakrishna

Music: Ramesh Mukkera

Cast: Gowtham Raju, Kota Shankar Rao

Plot: Charts out the reasons for suicide attempts being made by Telangana people

Bottomline: A celluloid campaign for Telangana

Keywords: Tollywood

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