Music to the ears


With Chikku Bukku, The Colonial Cousins, Hari and Leslie, have completed their second outing as composers in Tamil films. The songs have a freshness about them, and the composition and arrangement styles are different. Credit goes to the duo for getting singers such as Adnan Sami and the Wadali Brothers to mouth tough Tamil words. “We wanted the song ‘Thooral Nindralum' to have an authentic Sufi feel. And, the Wadali Brothers have done that with élan,” says Hari, who has lent his voice to the song, too. “Whereas, in Adnan's case, I wanted a different approach and pronunciation to suit the character it was meant for. I think we've achieved the desired result,” he adds.

New girl in town


The surprise element in Chikku Bukku is keeping her fingers crossed for her debut alongside Shriya Saran and Arya. According to director Manigandan, while Shriya Saran has delivered a “never-before” performance in this film, it is Preetika (younger sister of Bollywood star Amrita Rao) who has a very important role. Says Preetika: “I was recently in the U.S. with my sister, and the South Indians there were eagerly expecting the release of Chikku Bukku. It feels great that there is so much positive buzz about the movie.”

Sibling revelry


Director V. Gauthaman has adapted Neela Padmanabhan's acclaimed novel, ‘Thalaimuraigal' onto the big screen as Magizhchi. “The story deals with the relationship between a brother and sister, and revolves around family emotions and sentiments. Of course, there is love, anger and everything else to make it a family entertainer,” says Gauthaman, who also plays the hero. Anjali and Karthika play important roles in the film. Actor Kamal Haasan has praised Gauthaman's effort, saying: “It has been my long-time wish that celebrated novels be made into films. I am happy that Gauthaman has come forward to film ‘Thalaimuraigal'. Neela Padmanabhan is a great writer whose work should be celebrated by one and all. Literature should be linked with cinema. Only then will meaningful movies be made.”

A beautiful life


Cinematographer-turned-director Sripawanshekar has roped in Rahul Madhav (Adhey Neram, Adhey Idam) and Deepti (Pattalam) as the central characters in his family thriller, Yugam. “I wish to convey two messages in this film. Sometimes, simple things done playfully turn serious, affecting family relationships. Secondly, a small misunderstanding between two persons, if not cleared immediately, can turn tragic. Yugam teaches people how to live a peaceful and harmonious life,” explains Sripawanshekar.

Meet the actor


Is Cheran a better director or actor? In Yudham Sei, Cheran is in the capable hands of Mysskin, who says: “I've always felt that Cheran is capable of much more than what he has showcased so far as an actor. His character in Yudham Sei is that of an investigating officer. It is a fast-paced murder mystery, and Cheran has less of dialogues and more of action in it. While I have retained certain nuances typical of Cheran, the audience will see a new Cheran, who is good at stunts too! ”