Getting tough

His role in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu was soft and subdued, but in Bale Pandiya, Vishnu plays an action hero. “I was in search of a script that would help me explore another facet of my ability; but, I did not want to end up doing unbelievable heroics. Dhrohi came my way, and I was floored by director Sudha K Prasad's script,” says Vishnu. He plays a Royapuram toughie. “Every human being has a streak of badness that surfaces when he/she is pushed into a corner. My character in Dhrohi is like that,” adds Vishnu, who shares screen space with Srikant in this flick.

Love is in the air

From dealing with campus violence in his very first film Thalaivasal, to a college romance in his 25th film Naanga, director Selva has always been an enthusiastic person. Selva is even more excited now, as he features 13 new faces in his silver-jubilee offering. “Most of them are students of visual communication and have trained in acting and dancing. More importantly, the heroes are all sons of film industry stalwarts. Naanga weaves together five different love stories,” says Selva.

New beginning

Director Deepan, who has a Film Institute degree and used to be with Super Good films, has launched his debut film Mazhaikaalam. “This romantic thriller is the story of a computer engineer played by new face V.T. Sanjeevan, and his love interest Saranya (Peranmai). Wherever there is love, there is always hate in the form of opposition. But, in reality, it's all in the mind. And, if one is able to dispel these notions, love will survive,” is all Deepan is willing to reveal about his film.

All in the family

How a strict father and a wayward son deal with their daily discord and make peace, thanks to the intervention of the mother forms the crux of Aattanayagan. Director Krishnaram, a former assistant of Vikraman, has woven a story around a family headed by Nasser, and his son (Shakti). The mother acts as a buffer between the two, and endures great suffering because of their bickering, something the father and son are unaware of,” says Krishnaram. Ramya plays the heroine.

Heart over matter?

Setting aside caste, creed, colour and religion, the four main characters in Avargalum Ivargalum believe that what binds them is love. “Their love is very sincere. But, the hero is sent abroad on a scholarship and meets the girl of his dreams. Coming from a shoemaker's family, he is torn between his love, and duty towards his family,” says director Veerapandyan, who had assisted Agathyan. He has introduced Vimal Natarajan and Supraja to act along with Sathish (Azhagi, Solla Maranda Kathai) and Aishwarya in this film.