Confidence personified

It's common to hear established actors state that they aren't keen on doing inconsequential roles but it sounds a little strange when a debutant actor makes it clear that she will not do a small role in films at all. The confident Deepika is a second year intermediate student from Little Flower Junior College, Hyderabad and has bagged the lead role in Sendhram which deals with the life and issues of fishermen community in Kakinada and Uppada. Deepika quips, “I'm the luckiest girl, imagine waiting for an opportunity to get into the industry and within a month facing the camera.Sendrem How was the first day amidst the glitterati? She answers a cliché, “first day was tension-filled but the next day onwards I was confidence personified.”

Dreaming big

Supriya is the newest debutant in Telugu film industry. The exuberant and spirited girl from Sainikpuri is a journalism graduate from St. Francis College and comes with a reasonably good theatre background. “I dreamt and longed to be an actor. We have one life and everyone should fulfil their dreams,” says the articulate actor.

She surprises one by adding that she will not settle down as an actor and wants to become a travel writer. Her debut film Saseshaa (meaning: to be continued) is directed by Sri Kishore and has Vikram Shekar a debutant as her co-star. The 22-year-old idolises Shabana Azmi but also picks up a lot of virtues from various actors.

Facebook for all

R.P. Patnaik's next film Facebook is ready and guess what the speciality is! The music is not composed by him. Patnaik shot and wrapped up the film and is now planning for its publicity. “After seeing my film, the users of Facebook will grow five times, it's a positive take on networking,” adds Patnaik. He was apparently inspired by seeing a wall post. The hundred percent entertaining thriller with friendship as its theme will run for two hours. It's entirely shot in the US as one of the character who represents Facebook lives there. Facebook is for the contemporary generation, will it strike a chord with old-timers? Patnaik is confident it will.

The caption of the film is.. “if you love your friends you will love this film.” Keep guessing about the contents as Patnaik chooses to surprise us.

Tailor-made role

Director Eswar Gnanapatii's untitled venture has three actors — Jagapati Babu, Srihari and Siva Balaji playing important roles in an interesting drama on friendship and relationships. Siva Balaji is best remembered for his innocent look and acting skills in Chandamama and Sambo, Siva Sambo. The role in this film is tailor-made for him, says the director. He plays a character similar to what actor Venu did in Hanuman Junction. “In this movie, Siva Balaji never tells a lie but has to on one occasion, and then gets caught in a situation where he has to tell lies and nothing else. Jagapati Babu and Siva Balaji play neighbours and friends. Namita, Parvati Melton and Akansha Puri add glamour. Siva Balaji is a good artiste and this will definitely be a notch higher than what he did in Arya,”says Eswar.

Adorning a smile

Browse through any of the photographs of any film-related function and none can deny Anushka is the best-dressed actor offscreen. She carries herself with grace and makes heads turn when she walks in with her beautiful smile.

On the sets of Damarukam, the actor looked resplendent in a lovely lemon yellow chudidaar chatting away on her mobile. Ask her about her favourite outfit she remarks, “I'm more into fits rather than brands. When I go shopping I do buy a lot of clothes like chudidaars, saris, jeans and shirts but not too many accessories. I am also not a jewellery person. For the movies I do what the director tells me to without any questions but once the pancake is off I'm back in my comfort zone.”

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