The big move

Director Vijaya Varman's Biriyani, an emotional drama of the plight of a young domestic help, has won teenage actor Poo Myli, the ‘Best Actress' award at the Short Film Festival of Los Angeles. The film, based on Subhalakshmi Narayanan's short story, and with music by Mohan Narayanan, has been Varman's stepping stone into films. He now directs a full-length Tamil film, Ninaivodu Vilayadu, starring Master Mahendran and Nandana. The music is by Swar Mogi, while Varman has written the story, screenplay and dialogues.”

Recreating a hit

Twenty-seven years ago, Thyagarajan acted with Sarita, Silk Smita and Jayamalini in the huge hit Malayoor Mambattiyan, which was remade in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Now, he has cast his son Prashanth in the new version of the film, titled Mambattiyan, with Meera Jasmine and Mumaith Khan for company.

Will the new film re-create the magic of the original? With Prakash Raj and Vadivelu in key roles, the theme should work with present-day audiences, we think.

Getting real

Tiruvannamalai's 10-day Brahmotsavam, where more than 15 lakh devotees throng the town, forms a major part of the A.G. Raja-produced , Ivar. Directed by N. Priyan, the film was initially meant to be Raja's directorial venture. “Since I was introducing four new actors as the main leads, I felt that someone as talented as Priyan should also be given a chance to prove his talent. And, he has done a wonderful job,” says Raja.

The film revolves around four youngsters who are interested only in the present. Since the film focusses on the men, the songs feature male voices too. Also, there are no choreographed dances or ‘contrived' fight sequences, says the producer. “There's a dance, but an impromptu one that happens in a TASMAC bar,” he adds.

Novel attempt

Director Keera's Pacchai Engira Kaathu is the story of 27-year-old Pacchai Ramkumar, narrated from the point of view of seven individuals. Based on a real-life incident, Keera's movie is about the life of youth who blindly support politicians and parties. Newcomer Vasagar plays the hero, while another new face Devathai plays his love interest. Says Keera: “The story is narrated in flashback mode by four persons at the time of the hero's unlikely death. As the film progresses, two more persons join the narration, including the heroine's sister. Finally, I, the director, complete the story.”

All for love

Nellai Pattinam is about the clash of ideals between a rich girl and a middle-class girl to win the heart of an underprivileged boy in college. While the rich girl throws her money power around, the other one even sells her jewellery to pay the hero's fees. Under pressure from the rich girl, the hero disappears for a long time, only to resurface as a successful person. The rich girl is hell-bent on attaining him, but he is searching for the girl who put him through college and helped him make a success of his life. There are the usual threats and scheming people around, but love finally prevails.