Mother’s pet

While Deeksha Seth spoke fluent Telugu and floored everyone at the recent Rebel teaser launch, her mother quietly sat in a corner, taking pride in her daughter’s achievement. She felt secure that while the shutterbugs hovered around and clicked away photos, her daughter’s beautiful long legs were completely covered. Deeksha had worn polka-dotted loose trousers and was at ease posing for pictures. She was also without her trademark nose ring. The websites had come up with stories that her films were not doing well because Deeksha refused to remove her nose ring. Her mum rubbished the talk, “Some directors want it on and some don’t and Deeksha believes that in films she dresses the way her director tells her to and she has little choice; but in public functions like this she makes sure to carry herself with dignity.”

Only a namesake

Sanchita Padukone is exasperated — everyone she meets asks her if she is related to Deepika Padukone. Well, both hail from the same place in Kundapura in Mangalore but the similarity ends there. She is working in director Neelakanta's Chammak Challo but she has no modelling background and came to the movies directly. She lives in Bangalore and is the eldest of four siblings. Ask her if she has seen any movies lately and she says from the hospital, recovering from a viral fever, “I have seen Julaayi and I love it, I’m a big fan of Allu Arjun." Having worked in Ravana a Kannada film and two Tamil projects, she says she plays Anshu, a bubbly girl in Chammak Challo. Even before the film is releasing she has signed her second Telugu film with Manoj.

Wild side

Ee Rojullo hero Sree is currently doing Love Cycle (with Reshma) , Dhoola Seenu (with Tashu Kaushik) and is waiting for the release of Part II of A film by Aravaind. Another project Reiy Reiy with Aksha took off recently. He talks about his experiences from his latter film, “We had to shoot in deep woods and this is the first time I went to one; it was Dandeli forest. I saw black panthers going past us in the car. Adjacent to the hotel, there were piles of crocodiles and we shot during midnight in that atmosphere.” Didn’t he get scared? “Why scared? There were lights all over and we were working amidst 100 people. Even if a predator kills one of us, the rest will run right? There is plenty of time for that.”

Tall beauty

The beautiful Rajput, Ritu stands tall at 5 ft 8 inches and is all set to give our Telugu heroes a complex. Those who have seen her work in a short film on the social network sites are sure that she will be a happening person soon. She is in NTR’s Badshah as Kajal’s cousin and she is the heroine in Maruti’s Romance. The engineering graduate from Hyderabad is in no hurry to sign movies though; right now she wants to concentrate on Romance and will think of listening to scripts only after its release. “I saw Ee Rojullo, it had a box office run of 100 days and it was a fun film. I heard this story too and I felt that doing something that relates to the youth is a far more sensible idea. I said okay to Badshah because at that point of time amongst all the offers I got, that was the best.

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