It’s no comeback

Sridevi doesn't agree when people say she's making a comeback. She feels she never quit films nor did she ever take a break. The number of films she did in Tamil or Telugu are few and says that they were chosen on the basis of the role, which she says, revolved around her. As Raviteja's sister in Veera she adds, ‘I'm nobody to judge a film's outcome,

I have always ensured that what I was given had something more to do than walking in and out of the screen.” Sridevi is glowing with happiness now. It's been over a year of marriage.

“Rahul, my husband runs an IT Company here, he is very understanding and I always considered Hyderabad as my second home,” says Sridevi who feels 22 is too young an age to quit one's career.

Love thyself

A huge fan of Angelina Jolie, the third year under graduate student, Amala Paul agrees it was a bold move on her part to work in Sindhu Samaveli, a Tamil film which had her playing a woman having an illicit relationship with her father-in-law. “I don't like doing normal love stories,” she says. Currently she is overwhelmed by the support the Telugu audience are giving her for her debut film Naana. She says this is the third time she's coming to Hyderabad, the first one was for an audition, the second was a photo shoot for a film with Siddarth and now, the audio launch of Naana. Did she always wanted to be part of show biz? She smiles and replies “Yes, I always dreamt of being Ms India Ms World and would often look into the mirror and admire myself and dress up well for special occasions even as a child. I love the pampering that comes with stardom.”

A multi-tasker

Roja is a multi-tasker. Amidst the shooting of her game show Modern Mahalakshmi, her films and political meetings, she grabbed some time to holiday with family. “I'm here at a hill station near Pollachi. My kids school will re-open soon, I thought I needed to spend some time with them.” Her forthcoming role are as Tapsee's mother in Krishna Vamsi's Mogudu, as a doctor in Karthee's film, and Tamil hero Murali's son's mother. However, the film one needs to watch out for is Kodi Punju in which she is the saviour of the people in pain and poverty. “I am game to do any role that is dominating in some aspect or the other and should come out with a nice message. Also I'm not ready for painting my hair grey,” says Roja sternly.

Bound by success

Bouyed by the success of 100% Love, director Sukumar announced that there is a possibility of the same film being remade in Hindi. Amidst all this speculation, the talk in Film Nagar is that he could be doing a film first either for Geeta Art s or RR Movie Makers but not many know that he is not allowed to work with any hero or banner in Telugu without the consent of Aditya Babu, the producer of Jagadam and Arya 2. Sukumar reportedly is bound by a contract for Aditya Arts, he had signed before the launch of Arya 2. Producer Aditya Babu says, “True, I'm happy about the success of 100% Love, it will surely bring mileage to my movie.”

A life full of risks

Fight Master Vijay has been working for the past 20 years and that wouldn't have been possible without his will power and discipline for fitness, he says he has a gym at home, does a warm up for one hour and cardio for an hour. Vijay Master, as he is fondly called, reminisces the most risky scene he was involved in so far and that had been during the shooting of Nippu Ravva. He was a body double for Balakrishna and had to jump from a 70-ft water tank and reach a chopper mid air carrying Amrish Puri. He had to do it twice before the shot was okayed and the fight master says he went up to the pilot and told him, “na life mee chethullo undhi”. It is unfortunate that our stuntmen take such huge risks but their lives are not insured like the artistes in the circus.

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