Role reversal

Snigdha is director Nandini Reddy's alter ego in Ala Modhalaindhi; she talks, walks and mingles with guys in the film. Otherwise too, the chubby cute Snigdha is always dressed in jeans and a simple cotton shirt. “Unless there is a wedding and my folks bug me I don't get into a chudidaar,” says the actress who is working in her second film, an NTR starrer being directed by Boyapati Seenu. She is Sruthi Hassan's friend in the film and her role is not completely jovial. Singdha is a singer and has worked as a music director for Allam Velluli. A Rajahmundry girl, she is an MBA gold medalist and is working as HR manager in Logic Bytes in Hyderabad. How did she get into Ala Modhalaindi? Snigdha says she went to sing a song for the film and the director on seeing her resolved then and there to have her as Nani's friend in the film.

Careful steps

Sundeep Kishan took a lot of care after Prasthanam. He didn't sign any film that came his way. The talented actor's Hindi film Shor In The City released on Friday and he's over the top for the flattering reviews. The film is a sarcastic comedy on life in Mumbai and has three stories that revolve around him, Tushar and Senthil Rammoorthy. In the film there is a fat cute boy who plays Sundeep's side kick and for one scene they had to zoom on a Pulsar, an old model. Sundeep says, “Every time we were changing the gear, the front tyre would go up like a wheelie and since we were shooting around the girls college they thought we were trying to impress them, some even thought we were road side Romeos.” Sundeep has glowing words for his producer Ekta Kapoor and co-star Tushar and adds they are the most polite people he ever met.

Another son-rise

Raja Vijay Bhupati Raju, character artiste Sivaji Raja's doting son is playing his first role in a Telugu movie Virodhi being directed by Neelakanta. He's just written his X stdexams and is waiting for the results, meanwhile he dabbled in a real role of a son to Sivaji Raja in the Srikanth and Kamalini Mukherji-starrer. Another youngster from Goloconda High School was supposed to work in Virodhi but opted out and Vijay got in. “First few scenes lo tension vocchindi but later I became cool. I have very few dialogues though,” says the lad who was advised by his dad not to reveal much to the media. Vijay says he idolises Prabhas. Ask him why, he replies, “endhukantey yem cheppanu?. Prabhas antey ishtam anthey.”

Dusky damsel

She's dusky and very attractive. Nadeesha Hemamali, the Sinhalese girl, has dazzled many movie buffs in Sri Lanka and is now here making her debut in Telugu film Mr Rascal. She was spotted by Paruchuri Brothers during the film festival and that led the unit to do the audition. Nadeesha plays a key role in this Paruchuri Ravindranath-starrer. Payal Ghosh who is otherwise known as Harika has worked with Manoj in Prayanam gets her second film as the second lead. Nadeesha came to the audio release function of her film, smiled, exchanged pleasantries but never complained about not having her photo on the posters and the other publicity material. A courteous lady she remarks, “I play the core role of Madhumati, a woman who yearns for love.” Ask her about the most unforgettable scene in the film she says it was an intimate moment she was sharing with the hero in a forest when a snake glided past her and she froze for a few moments. Telugu people are very warm but their language is quite complicated she says.