Whatever Pawan Kalyan does makes news, even if he grows a stubble. His stunning look in Panjaa has earned lakhs of hits on youtube but what his fans don't know as yet is that he is set to pull Brahmanandam's leg in the film and even has a special number or a panegyric that he doles out for the comedian.

A little bird says the song that Pawan Kalyan sings is far more interesting, hilarious than Vareva Yemi Faceu . accham hero la undhi bossu that JD Chekri sang in praise of Brahmanandam in Money.

The music has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Hemachandra, the would-be-actor, crooned the little mass comedy that took seven and a half hours in the night to get it right.

Right moves

Karthika is back in Hyderabad to do her second film Dammu and is all excited. That because she is to be associated with a big star like NTR Boyapati Seenu, the director who brought Balakrishna back in the reckoning with Simha. Also, the huge budget project will pull out all the stops to give her a royal look. But one important factor that is going to make the film all the more exciting are the dances of the lead pair. Karthika plays ‘ Neelaveni' and says, “Dance is in my blood as well as NTR's. He is a Kuchipudi dancer and I'm trained in Bharatanatyam. I can't wait to shoot for the song and dance sessions.” What more, she narrates the first day of work on the sets with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm, “NTR spoke to my mom and told her that he was a tad sad he couldn't work with her but he's more than happy to work with her daughter. He adores my mom and he's seen Rangam as well.”

High on success

Ram Charan Tej's Raccha has a new villain - Dr. Ajmal. Ajmal hasn't stopped smiling ever since Rangam released; he immediately signed director Sampat Nandi's Raccha and he is quite sure it will make him a familiar face in Andhra Pradesh. He quips, “At the airport in Chennai, Kerala and Hyderabad, people come up to me to ask if I'm the same man who worked in Rangam and say that I did good work. Makes me very happy.” Ajmal says that for one particular hospital scene in Raccha he was given four pages of dialogue to be recited in one shot. Everyone in the set was tense as he didn't know Telugu but the actor pulled it off. “They gave me the sheet one day before and I did it without any prompting. Soon after, everyone on the set broke into an applause,” says Ajmal who plays a character called James in the film.

Counting on comedy

Director G Nageswar Reddy's forte is comedy and this time Mohan Babu has roped him in to give his son Vishnu, another successful film like Dhee. “The film will begin in January as Vishnu has gone to America to be with his wife. She is on the family way. We are aiming for an April release. Hansika has lost weight and she is looking very good, we have taken her as the heroine.” The director who made Seema Sastry with Allari Naresh says that comedy is not the only element that makes a film run. There should be a solid story and people should connect with at least one emotion very strongly. This one is about two families splitting because of egos and Vishnu uniting them. It runs on the lines of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. There will be a happening combination of MS Narayana and Brahmanandm and quite a few writers are pitching in support for the script.

Cute combo

Meenakshi Dixit is playing a hot Rajanartaki in Devaraya starring Srikant and is in all praise of the film, “It's like a painting — horses running around, the art work etc.” The actor has worked in a title track in Dhookudu and Billa 2 in Tamil. Tell the attractive actor that her name sounds very interesting and she explains it's history. “I'm just not a combination of Meenakshi Sheshadri and Madhuri Dixit in name. I have a lot more similarities. I can really give cute and deadly expressions. I can look good in any kind of clothes — western or traditional. Saroj Khan must have seen something in me when she suggested that I should take up acting seriously. Even in my school I would be good at dance and studies. People would comment that I was a combination of both the actors.” One must give Ms MD her due as she has had great exposure in musical shows, theatre, reality shows etc before getting into full time acting.

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