The tall and good looking Arvind Krishna is engaged to be married in November and his bride to be Dipika Prasad works for corporate strategy team in Intellicap. Glowing in love, the actor who worked in Rishi and It’s My Love Story says, “It’s an arranged marriage but I’ve known her for about six years. We have been meeting on and off.” On the professional front he is excited about Harshat Vidheya’s film that has an extraordinary subject. “Title will be finalised soon. I am currently shooting in Ooty and the weather is just beautiful. An entire song is on the bike and was shot in pouring rain and I’m wet for the most part of the day.” Was it planned? “Yes, we knew it would rain this time.”

Long journey

A Punjabi from Ludhiana, Rohit is putting all his effort into learning Telugu, and is serious about making a career out of acting. He reveals, “I was doing theatre in Sydney, and at one of the festivals the director spotted me and offered me the role, it’s titled NRI. From the past 3 years I was away from India. I work for an IT company and do theatre during weekends and have been shooting after office hours; cinema is an entirely new experience. About 60 percent of it has been shot in Melbourne and Sydney and the rest in Hyderabad. I play a character Harischandra Prasad and the story deals with his journey, career love and friendship.”

Sweet talker

The sweet talking Shraavya Reddy from Guntur brings to her acting career plenty of confidence and encouragement from her parents. She makes her debut in NRI..and has also signed two films before her debut release.

She says, “My parents are into red chillies business and I’m doing MBA. After my graduation I started hunting for opportunities. This film by Raghunandan Guduru deals with youth and what they are missing out in India in their pursuit of higher studies abroad. I play a girl who is not interested in marrying someone abroad but falls in a quandary when sparks arise between the two.” The film is being planned for a September release.

In the right spirit

Sudigadu may not be a properly crafted film but its spoofs, particularly on television star Omakar, have become the talk of the town. Just as the Antakshari scene became the vital factor in Gabbar Singh’s success, an episode featuring Omkar and the judges has become a laugh riot. We ask Omkar if he had seen it, he replies, “Everyone is telling me, I still didn’t watch it as I was busy in Ladakh for the shooting of Genius. I heard people are laughing and I’m taking it positively. They picked on me and showed me as a celebrity and it is no small thing, it’s an achievement and honour for me.” Omkar is the director of Genius and the shooting is 85 per cent complete.