Mahesh Babu is upbeat about his forthcoming film ‘Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ where he shares the screen with Venkatesh

It is a post wedding scene. The bride, groom, his parents, the bride’s brother and a few other newly wed couples are going around the decorated temple. Mahesh who plays the bride’s sibling is walking amidst a crowd in a reasonably good mood. The sun beats against his fair complexion and it’s not difficult to spot him despite his plain cotton shirt and jeans, walking bare foot. Director Srikant Addala okays the shot and the actor checks it out on the monitor. “Srikant said I should look like a common man and people should relate to my character. Bayata manushulu yela unnaro ala…My sister (Abhinaya) is getting married here,” says Mahesh as the onlookers fix their gaze on this charming man.

When one rises from being the Prince to the King of Hearts, with money and fan following the pressure also builds. It is enormous but the key is to handle it with humility and enjoy each day as your last. The actor has transformed and every change in his glance and action has increased his brand value. He is more accessible, receptive and flexible. This has brought a change in his career; the happiness at home is indeed reflecting. With contentment writ large on his face, Mahesh says in all earnestness, “this is unbelievable, it is the best phase in my career and personal life. I feel very good and lucky. We just had a daughter, her name is Sitara. I don’t want to say it...but she is very very pretty. Gautam takes good care of her. The age difference between them is just right. She is four months and is very adorable,” gushes the proud father. Admits Mahesh, “Professionally after Khaleja I have been in a relaxed state. Once the script is okayed, I start enjoying my work and stay true to it.”

There is a buzz that the story of Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is archaic the only difference being given is a fresh treatment. True? “The story is unbelievable…ilantidhi na career lo yeppudu cheyyaledhu. I have done action films and other genres. This is new to me and my fans also.”

He adds, “After Kottha Bangaru Lokam’s release, Srikant had worked on the script for three years. I heard it a year and a half back and got very excited. Once it’s been decided that Venkatesh garu and me would be working, the project took off. We did not have too many discussions, we enjoyed the entire process. Right from the first schedule we have been sharing good vibes. Fans of Venkatesh garu and my fans and the entire Telugu audience will love the film and people will come out of the theatre with a big smile on their face. It is a ‘feel good’ film.”

The actor recalls seeing Kottha Bangaru Lokam long back and says he has never come across such a director who is so genuine, hard working and meticulous. “He writes from the soul and worked on the script for three years. He hasn’t given us any names as such in the movie, people address Venkatesh garu as us ‘Peddhodu’ and me as ‘Chinnodu’. This is the lengthiest title amongst all my movies, and I was told about it after the entire story was narrated to me. And I liked the title very much.”

Mahesh’s next projects are with Sukumar, Sreenu Vytla, Krish and Vamsi Paidipally. He signs off, “I have been working non-stop taking a week or ten days off in between but I’m very relaxed. I wake up with an amazing feeling every morning.”