The story could have been simple and straight - about a boy from Karimnagar and a girl from Visakhapatnam meeting at Hyderabad, falling in love but facing parental opposition to the alliance due to cultural differences. Even a negative, sad ending could have worked well but the plot turns labyrinthine with the sudden change in behaviour and character of Sarat Babu, the parent and the fickle-minded Vandana (Nikita Narain) who stretches her ‘confused' status in Facebook and oscillates on her decision that pushes the story a wee bit further. Sarat Babu and Jayasudha play the girl's parents, the former is loving, accommodative to his daughter's decisions and the latter is like any mother strict and the no-nonsense type. Both of them allow their daughter to leave to Hyderabad to pursue a career and due to bad company she moves out of her flat and agrees to live in with a boy Arjun (Aravind) with whom she struck a friendship over the phone and facebook. The mother gets to know about this and as in all filmi stories, a tight slap and in the next scene the parents are looking out for a suitable boy.

Pragati and Kasi Vishwanath play the hero's parents who speak in Telangana dialect. The glaring mistake is that both Pragati and Aravind in most scenes break into the dialect and are inconsistent; if one line is Andhra the other is in Telangana making the half-hearted job obvious. Sarat Babu suddenly turns hostile and makes an exit from the story prompting the girl to break up with her boyfriend. At the wedding hour, she wants him back and that too when he has come to terms with the separation. There are kids in the drama who play a gratuitous role, it's irritating to have tiny tots talk things that doesn't befit their age.

Jayasudha as usual shows her taste and is immaculate even in ordinary saris; however, her character takes a swing when she loses her husband and settles for her daughter's choice.

It is custom for filmmakers to leave creativity behind and repeat characters that were a hit in some previous film. Tagubothu Ramesh from Ala Modalaindi is again a drunkard here, there is a gay as well played by Vennela Kishore who shows spunk. A character in the film makes us wonder if the word sincerity is indeed pronounced as ‘sinceyarity' and Sandip Kishan's item number is of little help. Nikita makes a sparkling debut but the same cannot be said of Aravind. He is tall and good looking but if he puts in more effort on timing, dialogue delivery and expression, he will surely give the others a race for their money.

It's My Love Story

Cast: Aravind, Nikita Narain

Direction: Sreedhar Reddy

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Genre: Romance

Bottomline: Go right away and buy the audio CD