Sundar C is back to what he does best — direction. Kalakalapu, his 25th film, hits the screens next week

Not many understand the Tamil film industry and the Tamil audience like Sundar C does. The man, who's been an actor, director and producer, knows exactly what his audience wants and delivers it to them in just the fashion they want it.

No wonder then, all the movies his banner has produced have helped him earn not just what he invested in them but much more. As director too, Sundar C has reached a landmark. His 25th film as director, Kalakalappu, is to hit the screens on May 11, this year.

Begins Sundar, “I don't bite off more than what I can chew. I never look at profits while starting a project. What is of concern to me is whether I will be able to take the blow if there is a loss. When I set out to produce a film, I first work out the maximum price it can fetch me. Then, I work out the minimum price it will fetch in the market, and based on this figure, try to contain costs.”

Although Sundar has done exceptionally well as a producer, he says he never intended to become one. “I got into production — a punishment for having made a good film called Anbe Sivam,” he says.

Filmmaking is an art and Sundar C has mastered it. “Most people rush to book an actor the moment a film of his clicks. I don't do that. A film is like a meal, and the story is the rice. You cannot have a film without a strong story. Just as one cannot eat rice alone, one cannot count only on a story and ignore the other components such as artistes, music, dialogue and so on,” he explains.

“Today, except for a few heroes, not many can carry a film on their own. So, it only makes sense to have two upcoming heroes who complement each other well. Combination is the key here. For instance, in Kalakalapu, you have Vimal and Mirchi Shiva complementing each other. What the audience expect from a film now are a fast-paced screenplay, good humour and a great artiste combination. All of this has been ensured in Kalakalapu.”

Like every good director who has made it big, Sundar C also recognises the importance of casting. “I try to make up for the absence of big stars by casting talented individuals in important roles. Santhanam plays a villager in Kalakalapu and I assure you this movie will figure on the list of Santhanam's top five comedies. But it is not just Santhanam alone. Even those who have been cast in small roles such as Karunakaran, John Vijay and George are appropriate and have done a fine job. I am not here to showcase my skills. I am here to entertain and that's what I have done in Kalakalapu,” he says.

But what is Kalakalapu all about? “It is a commercial entertainer with a simple story. It is about how two brothers, one straightforward and the other street smart, revive the fortunes of their once famous hotel in Kumbakonam.”

Sundar C is to next work with Vishal on an action blockbuster. Says Sundar, “Shooting for this film has commenced. Vishal plays the hero and Karthika, the heroine. It will be a commercial entertainer. We intend to shoot some mind-blowing action sequences and songs in China for this film.”

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