Surfing his forties with trademark charm, Shah Rukh Khan says he feels energetic and that the different approach of young heroines towards acting makes working with them interesting

Political correctness went out of the window at the launch of the song, ‘Saans’ from Yash Raj Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan. When Shah Rukh Khan narrated an incident from the film, his co-star, Katrina Kaif, who was virtually present via web conferencing (she was shooting the whole night for Dhoom 3 in Chicago), denied the whole thing! It prompted SRK to say, “Katrina, when I make up stories for the media, you are supposed to play along.”

SRK was also asked how he felt acting opposite girls half his age! If he was upset, he did show it with his sarcastic reply, “Well, Katrina has less wrinkles, so that’s an advantage. Jokes apart, her approach to acting is different from mine. So yes, that makes it interesting to work with younger heroines like her and Anushka. Forty-six is a good age to be. I am still energetic.”

Asked how old his character is in the film, Shah Rukh quipped, “Well, I don’t know what age he is but if Katrina is 22 in the film then I am 24, if she is 35 then I am 37. All I can tell you is the character goes through a lifespan. There is a time frame.”

Apart from the sticky questions, SRK was at his wittiest best. He took charge of the situation as he said, amused, “Sometimes I feel, I alone am part of this film, promoting it.” He even joked with Katrina — who got connected after some minor hiccups — “You can’t see me? Hear my voice and imagine the face you like! Why aren’t you here with me at this launch because ‘Saans’ is your song? Are you more in love with the bikes in Dhoom 3?”

Must hand it to the star though for doing his best single-handedly to make the event as entertaining as possible. He cheered Katrina for her work ethic during the making of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. “You know how heroines are made to wear short dresses and shoot in crazy climates. She shot a song in -2 and -3 degree temperatures without any complaints.”

SRK generously added, “JTHJ is a contemporary love story with the soul of the films Yashji was known for during his era. Katrina and Anushka (Sharma) contribute the cool and the hip factor to the film.”

While Mohit Chauhan has sung for SRK in the well-picturised ‘Saans,’ a journalist pointed out that Rabbi’s voice in the other song, ‘Challa,’ didn’t really suit Shah Rukh. The star calmly said, “Personally, I feel his voice suits me. People will continue to have their opinion. In my entire career, I have never asked the music director who is going to playback for me. A lot of singers have sung for me and successfully, beautifully so, but I have never insisted on any particular singer. That’s not my job.”

Shah Rukh then mentioned the late Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Hemant Kumar as the three singers he has grown up worshipping and wishing they were around to sing for him. He also hummed Rafi’s ‘Abhi na jao chhodkar’, Kishore’s ‘Chala jaata hoon kisiki dhoon pe’ and Hemant Kumar’s ‘Bekaraar karke humein yun na jaeeye’ before signing off!

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