Debut director Umar Karrikkad's ‘Bombay Mittayi’ has Amar Singh playing a musician, and Dimple Kapadia his wife.

It is a casting coup for debut director Umar Karrikkad. His movie ‘Bombay Mittayi' has politician Amar Singh and Bollywood actor Dimple Kapadia in supporting roles. Shooting for the movie is going on at a frenetic pace at various locations in Kochi.

The day's location is in a huge hall at Dream Hotel, Kochi, where a Hindustani concert is on. The camera is focussed on Amar Singh. Says Umar who has also written the story for the movie: “Vinu Mohan is the hero of the movie and Neelambari Perumal, the heroine. Amar Singh plays Mallika Mansoor, a well known musician in Mumbai who hails from Malabar. Dimple Kapadia plays his wife, Noora, a dancer.” The screenplay and dialogues for the movie are by Nissam Rawther.

Plan that goes awry

The story begins with two friends, Suresh (Vinu Mohan) and Sulaiman (Harisree Asokan) trying to make a fast buck through some shady dealings. Although they try every trick in the book, they are unable to strike gold. The two hatch a plan when they hear about Mallika Mansoor's murder and that there is a reward for anyone who has any information regarding the murder. The duo decide to dupe the police and claim the reward.

Jagadeesh as ‘Poocha Police' is a cop who arrests Suresh. However Rahna (Neelambari), Mansoor's daughter, a journalist, knows that the two are bluffing. That is when the story takes some rather intriguing twists and turns.

Says Amar Singh, who has acted in a couple of movies earlier: “Although in the reel version I am a Malayali who settles in North India, in real life I am a North Indian who would love to settle down in Kerala.” According to Amar, it was he who had suggested that Dimple be cast as his wife.

Neelambari, a theatre activist who hails from Sri Lanka, seems excited to be in front of the camera. The actor whose favourite Malayalam movie is ‘Manichithrathazhu' is looking forward to being a part of Mollywood.

U. Pradeep, who is co-producing the movie with Rajesh Malakka under the banner of IMM Films, says they were on the lookout for a Bollywood actor to don the role of Mansoor, when a friend suggested Amar Singh's name.

Lal Kannan cranks the camera and Paris V. Chandran scores the music for the film. Still photographer is Sreejith Chettipadi.