Calling filmmakers to a unique experience of realising cinema

Yavanika Films is organising filmmaking workshops in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh this winter. While the workshop in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, is entitled “Gamak”, meaning movement in music, the workshop in the Vrindavan/Mathura/Agra region of U.P. is called “Leela”, translated here as “Enactment”.

Alind Jaitly, proprietor of Yavanika Films, invites you, through these workshops to “let a journey into an inimitable atmosphere inspire the artist in you to find expression through modern cinema.” The Hyderabad-based company makes television documentaries, short films and conducts filmmaking workshops for adults and children. “Gamak” and “Leela”, says Jaitly, a graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, are about “making movies on the move.”

The Jaisalmer workshop is from December 8-15, while the one in Vrindavan is from December 22 to 29. The pattern of both workshops is similarly planned, but their intrinsic nature and that of the locations ensures the experiences will be widely different.

Participants will occupy themselves with eight days of activities related to filmmaking. One part includes writing a story or script, enacting and shooting it as a short film. While discussions will centre on idea generation and expression, development into a screenplay or shooting script, the grammar of filmmaking and editing, the work of location hunting and research will help members “discover the city from deeper perspectives instead of the usual touristic sightseeing,” says Jaitly, adding, “In sync with our collective/individual interests, we hope to gain cultural and spiritual insights into the life of the city.”

The second part of the project is about film appreciation. Here, films commonly labelled World Cinema will be screened. Jaitly clarifies these include those “primarily originating from countries other than America / Hollywood”. The screening sessions will include a guided analysis and sharing of reflections, he adds, explaining, “The art of cinema can be our looking glass as we revel in an enriched discovery of an inspiring new cityscape and our own sole philosophical interpretation and expression.”

Bringing himself back to realities, he adds that the third aspect of the week will be food tourism. “To keep us firmly grounded during our artistic flights of fancy, we would also make sure to explore local cuisines and delicacies as committed food tourists,” he notes.

For further information, call +919490440986.