Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan loves his celebrity status and admits he would never want to live without it even for a few moments.

“I don’t want to be anonymous... I’m very honest about that. I love being recognised, I love people liking me, I love the fact that people scream when I go out, I think I’ll miss all that when it’s taken away, and I don’t even think about it,” said Shah Rukh in an interview to CNN’s Talk Asia.

“I think that’s why I work harder every year, every day, every month and every moment. I’m not standing and counting the people outside my house, but I don’t want them to lessen,” he added.

Even though the 44-year-old never wants people’s focus to shift from him, he says inherently he is a shy person.

“I’m basically shy and I have to really prepare myself to go and let myself go on a set. There are certain things I started, I tried them and then I started feeling very awkward doing them ... like laughing on screen.

“I find it extremely odd to laugh on screen. I find it extremely odd to use bad language so I don’t do a film like that... kissing and love making (on screen) is the other thing, because I just find it odd,” said the actor who is currently working on his film Ra.One.