Imagine this scene. A woman walking down the road takes a lift from a rich businessman as she has to attend an interview and is running short of time but suddenly alights on seeing an accident victim. Hours later,she appears in front of the same man who offered her a lift. Pleased with her humanitarian nature, he offers her a job but that of a life partner. The sprightly girl who was chatty, angry, egoistic suddenly turns coy, demure and says ask daddy for my hand in marriage. Scene two: At a construction site workers refusing to demolish a god's idol; the businessman rubbishes the religious sentiment and goes ahead with it. Result, he meets with an accident and hurts his spinal cord which makes him ineffective for a conjugal life. Scene three: The businessman's wife has an affair with his favourite employee and the latter wants to elope with her. Wife is guilty and vows to devote her entire life to the husband while husband wants her to re-marry and lead a normal life. The climax is anyone's guess.

The theatre screening this film wears a deserted look barring a few front benchers who are obviously present to savour the few adult rated scenes. Also, the plot is inspired from movies like I Love You, Nomu, Vichitra Bandham, Secretary, Anthuleni Katha, Guppedu Manasu etc. Even television serials are coming up with more imaginative content these days to attract viewers. Wonder what made the director derive confidence from such an outdated plot. The casting isn't perfect either — the hero looks far younger and shorter than the heroine. Surya Tej sports a bespectacled look and a stubble to project a mature attitude and is wooden in expressions; Surabhi is just alright.

The dialogues are archaic. The husband and wife never have a direct conversation as to what troubles them. The hero realises he has a problem only when the maid explains she eloped with someone only because her husband is impotent and in the next scene, he transfers all his wealth to his wife making it look like a compensation. The maid in the house wears plunging blouses, the sister-in-law behaves like a nerd and the dialogues can put one to sleep. The comedy is terrible and the background score takes one back to the eighties, tempting the viewer to ask the director Ila Aithe Yela?

Ila Aithe Yela?

Cast: Surya Tej, Surabhi

Direction: PC Reddy

Music: Shashi Preetam

Genre: Social Drama

Plot: A guilt-ridden wife resolves to spend rest of her life serving her handicapped, impotent husband

Bottomline: Titillating posters too don't work for this film.

Keywords: Tollywood