Says the actor if he was not in movies

Prateik Babbar radiates childish glee as he examines Shell’s new limited edition Ferrari collectable models, made from Lego bricks. Here in the city to promote this product, the actor looks thrilled at being associated with it.

He holds up two little cars, one in each hand and remarks, “I love these cars. Lego was such a huge part of my life while growing up. This is one of the things, I’m going to tell my kids about—if I have kids. Boys and their toys, you know,” he laughs.

The actor who made his debut in Abbas Tyrewala’s Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na admits that his entry into movies was somewhat unplanned, “If I hadn’t gotten into movies, I would have become a sportsman,” he says. “I have an aptitude for sports and love playing all type of sports. But then Jaane Tu happened, all that energy came to work and I never looked back,” he says.

On the roles he chooses, “I always look or movies with a message, preferably a good one that influence the youth in a better way. Also, I like playing strange, different, characters. I know I can get a bit annoying for directors sometimes though,” he says.

He admits to currently working on two projects, the details of which he prefers not to disclose though he adds to hoping to return to Bangalore to promote his films when they are released. “I hope to see more of the city this time round,” he says, adding that he first came to the city as a child, soon after his mother (late actor Smita Patil) passed away, “But I don’t remember anything about it. It was very long ago,” he says.

On future plans, he smiles and says, “Lots of hard work. More movies and good causes. It has been awesome, so far. I’ve had my ups and my downs, but who cares? I love my job.”