Dia Mirza on her experience as a producer and Bobby Jasoos, releasing this week

Dia Mirza’s eyes well up each time she talks about her upcoming production Bobby Jasoos (July 4) starring Vidya Balan. “I am very, very proud of our film. We, and I mean everyone involved in the making of Bobby Jasoos, were so done with the concept of a woman-based film being only about someone who had gone through a tumultuous journey to emerge as the central character. All we wanted to make was a fun film that would be as commercial as it could get and about a female character. It’s been a time-consuming process, but here we are!” says the actress-turned-producer of Born Free Entertainment.

Dia seems to be in no mood to face the camera. The actress was last seen in her first production Love Breakups Zindagi, directed by fiancé Saahil Singha, three years ago. “Venturing into filmmaking was a great decision. Everyone has to chart their course. The roles I was getting were making me feel redundant. If something doesn’t satisfy your creative urge, then you are certainly better off without it. I have no desire to act in movies. In fact, five or six years ago, I couldn’t have ever imagined myself to be in the happy space I am in today. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world,” she says.

And she is not merely the “cheque-signing guy” as many would assume. “I am totally hands on. When Sanyuktha (Chawla-Shaikh, her writer) and her husband Samar (Shaikh, director) had finished writing the story for us, I realised that this film would unfold beautifully in Hyderabad, and I told them about it.” The director had set the film in Mumbai’s Null Bazaar and was dampened by the thought of Hyderabad. “I requested them to feel the old city and then take a decision. They agreed and today, I am happy that the change happened at my insistence,” she says. “Not just is Hyderabad my birth city, but even the most modest houses there are sparkling clean and sprawling, and the ambience, breathtakingly beautiful.”

Vidya has earned heaps of praise from her producer. “There was no one else. She is everything that Bobby is – carefree, non-conformist, yet not a rebel. She can be loving and a gundi! I have admired her work since the days we worked together on Parineeta and Lage Raho Munnabhai. She has done a splendid job on Bobby Jasoos.”

Born Free Entertainment will begin work on founder Saahil Singha’s next once Bobby Jasoos opens. “While fresh talent is always welcome, we’d like to work with established names as well. It’s daunting to always work with debutants.”

Saahil and Dia are reportedly slated to marry by October, this year.