What a relief!

Megan Fox has said she is relieved at not being called into action while playing a prostitute in comic-book movie Jonah Hex. The sexy Transformers star plays a woman of ill-repute opposite Josh Brolin's cowboy character. “I was ready to do some research into prostitution but I really didn't need to,” explains Megan. “The kind of prostitution that existed back then is very different from the kind that exists now. That was a very common way for a woman to make a living. Also, we don't really show much which I was happy about.”

Not so tough

Even though he's made of muscle and always plays a tough guy it seems Sam Worthington is actually a real softie. Sam says when he was filming Avatar he was always being teased for being a tough guy — until he broke his little finger. “Everyone on the set took the mickey out of me because they made out I was such a tough guy and then I broke my pinky. Three times. The same damn finger. It was all crooked. They all stopped when they realised I'd really hurt myself though."

Successful brand

Brit funnyman Russell Brand has revealed the secret to a successful showbiz relationship. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, who is dating U.S. pop beauty Katy Perry, says his formula is so successful even his ex-girlfriends still love him. “It's quite simple really,” says Russell. “You just have to be all kind and lovely and never promise things you can't deliver. That's what I do and girls really seem to dig it.”

Dean canes Superman

Hollywood actor Dean Cain has said how his stint as Superman destroyed his life and left him burnt out. The 43-year-old former primetime star now makes a living producing and acting in B-movies but has no regrets about hanging up his cape — he appeared alongside Teri Hatcher on “Lois and Clark”. “That show broke me,” says Dean, currently promoting his latest DVD title, Maneater. “I'll always be grateful for the opportunity but it was a real grind. I was in every episode and in just about every scene. It seemed like I was always working 18 hour days, going home and getting a few hours sleep and then having to be back at the set.” “Lois and Clark” was cancelled after four seasons but there would have been more if not for some big news for Teri. “We had already been picked up and were ready to go into a fifth season when Teri got pregnant and that was it,” explains Dean. “I can't say I was too upset. I had no life while I was on that show. It had all become too much.”

It's Sarah's call

Most of the actors love to Google themselves to see what their fans and critics think but Sarah Jessica Parker has no time for it. She says she has never looked herself up on the Internet and probably never will. "I definitely don't read anything: I don't read blogs, don't surf the web, don't look for comments on myself, don't Google myself — never have and never will. I can't really pay attention to all the chat about me — that may or may not exist, positive or negative. I just don't see that that's really a valuable use of my time.”


‘Avatar’ wins best drama honour at Globes January 18, 2010