‘I kissed Brand’

Pop beauty Katy Perry is the latest in a long line of famous females to have succumbed to the charms of Russell Brand. The controversial Brit funnyman got to grips with the I Kissed a Girl singer for new movie Get Him to the Greek and it’s left quite an impression on Katy. “I did a little cameo scene for his movie,” explains the 24-year-old singer. “It’s really just a quick clip but I got to kiss him. He said, ‘You’re a great actress.’ But that’s all I had to do — kiss him. I had heard all about his reputation and I have to agree he has a certain je ne sais pas about him.”

It all goes belly up for J-Lo

Strapping on a pregnancy belly may make some actresses feel broody — but not Jennifer Lopez. The yummy mummy of two has been wearing the fake tum for her movie The Back-Up Plan, but instead of encouraging her to have more babies it just made her hot and sweaty and reminded her of being pregnant with her twins Max and Emme. “It wasn’t weird wearing the belly at all. It was so recent for me that I kind of remembered exactly what it was like. It still makes you hot and sweaty, even when it’s fake. The fake one was much easier than the real one though. Mine was much worse,” says J-Lo.

Kristen’s panic

Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart has been having a hard time with the fame side of acting, especially when it comes to interviews and press conferences. “I just get so nervous in interviews. I don’t prepare it. I just do it. It’s gotten easier with experience. It’s like you realise that even if you totally botch it, it’s not that bad. Even if it turns out horribly and everyone thinks you’re totally incapable, it’s like ‘Well, God, okay, never mind’,” says Panic Room star Kristen.

Amy to enchant audiences again?

Amy Adams has delighted Disney fans across the globe by saying she would consider reprising her role as Princess Giselle. The redhead, who shot to fame in Enchanted, would love to film a sequel to the hit tween movie, as long as she was happy with the script. “I’ve heard talk of it, but nothing is set up yet,” she says. “We’ll see. I think she’s such a fun character, and I had fun playing her.”

Kiss, a miss for Miley

Miley Cyrus has said how she’s glad to have had her screen persona Hannah Montana come of age with her first-ever love scene — even though it did nothing for the singer herself. Miley, 16, says the smooch with Hannah Montana: The Movie co-star Lucas Till was not as hot as it looks on screen. “He was okay,” says Miley, when asked if her screen hunk was a good kisser. He’s a great guy, but the kiss was just a screen kiss. It wasn’t embarrassing. Kissing is something everybody does but that kiss matures the movie a little bit. It’s something people aren’t expecting, which is good.”