Troubles too close to home

Kristen Stewart has told how the hysteria around her Twilight adventures has even affected her friends and family. The 20-year-old actor says she deliberately avoids social networking sites but this hasn't stopped her family being targeted by her eager fans. "My friends all have Facebook pages. But they are constantly being plagued by my fans. The impostors try to message my brother pretending to be me. My brother and my friends always complain to me about it.”

Fight to the finish

South African star Sharlto Copley has had to fight for his place in The A-Team twice. The District 9 actor beat a number of hopefuls to play Murdoch in the new movie based on the classic TV series, but he first fought for his place back in his school days. "I had an A-Team gang in school when I was 11," explains Sharlto. "Another gang started trying to compete with us to also be the A-Team in my class and so I challenged them. We basically agreed to have a war. We went down on the field and had a little fight. The stakes were, if you lose, you are no longer the A-Team, you play some other group. We had a war and we won. We became the only A-team. I had everything. I had the action figures, the dossier that you got, those trading cards, everything."

New kid on the block

The new Karate Kid has got the official stamp of approval from the original Kid, Ralph Maccio. The 48-year-old actor played the crane-kicking hero in the Eighties and is now seeing Will Smith's 11-year-old son Jaden take the franchise to a new generation despite the reservations of some diehard fans. “I hope it's a huge success,” says Ralph, who now mixes acting with directing. “I really do. I'm excited about it because it's a great franchise. I think the big challenges are that the originals are still so loved and so in the present. I really hope it does well."

Heigl's new look

Katherine Heigl is finding it harder to be sexy these days — and it's all down to her hair. The Killers beauty says she hasn't felt right since dying her hair brown for a movie role and she now finds herself pining for her blonde bombshell days. “It's kind of hard to style in a way that I think is sexy,” says Heigl of her brunette tresses. “I am a mom but I'm not a soccer mom yet. That's how I feel though.”

Why is Jess jumpy?

Justin Timberlake has a new woman in his life and girlfriend Jessica Biel is getting jumpy. The pop hunk is working with country beauty Cheryl Crow on a musical collaboration and sources say Jessica is more than a little insecure about the arrangement. "Justin is a huge fan of Cheryl's and she feels the same about him," says the source. "Jess is your typical clingy girlfriend. She knows there is nothing in it but she can't help but feel miffed that Justin is sharing something with Cheryl that she can never share."