Why is Jess animated?

Jessica Alba says Hollywood’s leading ladies owe a big thank you to movie animators. The Sin City beauty believes big screen cartoons like her new movie Escape from Planet Earth have levelled the playing field for actresses after years of being undermined by their male counterparts. “More and more I've seen that women are being portrayed in a more positive way, especially when it comes to entertainment that’s geared towards young people,” says mother-of-two Jessica. “The women are much stronger than they used to be. They're not really the damsels in distress anymore. I think the stereotype could still possibly live for different types of genre pictures, but certainly when it appeals to the younger generation, they’re used to women being equal and strong.

In a grave mood

Justin Bieber is getting his own back on ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez — by turning her into a zombie! The pop sensation has apparently been so caught up in the current craze for all things Walking Dead and Warm Bodies that he’s turning everyone he knows into gruesome figures from the grave. “Justin has an app on his cellphone which turns any person's image into a zombie version of themselves,” reveals a source close to the singer. “He's done himself, all his pals and everyone in his band as well as a fair few zombie Selenas which he takes great delight in showing everyone.”

Keen on comic book role

Jude Law wants to show he can keep up with the best of Hollywood's action men. The Sherlock Holmes star says he is frustrated that he's not been given the chance to star in a superhero movie and desperately wants to impress his kids with a comic book role. “I'm quite interested at the moment to do something a little more action-y,” says Jude. “I've done quite a few quite cerebral, period movies and I'd quite like to do something like a comic book movie. A superhero or something. I’m waiting for the call.”

Direction, a dream

Catherine Zeta-Jones wants to take a back seat when it comes to her acting — because she sees herself as more of a director now. The Welsh beauty says that while she still loves stepping in front of the camera she would like to take more of a controlling role in a movie and direct it one day instead. “I have tried so hard to write a screenplay and it is probably one of the most frustrating things I have ever tried in my life, and one of the loneliest things I’ve ever done,” explains Catherine. “But directing I would like to try. I would like to direct at some point, just not right now. Maybe soon.”