Family fun

Up In the Air star Anna Kendrick was so busy fretting if her family had fun at the Oscars that she forgot to enjoy herself. The 24-year-old star, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, was so determined her guests would have fun she couldn't take in all the glamour, pomp and ceremony of the evening. “I was so stressed because I was more worried about my mum and brother having a good time. I just really wanted to make it fun for them. I was so worried about whether they were having a good time I didn't really think about myself.”

Enjoyable evening

When faced with the world's biggest award ceremony most people would crumble, but Sandra Bullock had a ball. The Blind Side beauty and now Oscar winner, 45, felt more relaxed inside the big ceremony than she ever thought she would, despite all the award pressure she was under. “When you get in the room you are surrounded by your colleagues, peers and people you have worked with for 15 years so that helps you be calm and just enjoy the process. It is a different and wonderful vibe and one that's actually enjoyable,” she says. “In competitions — which I don't like very much — there is a tendency for everyone on the outside to pit one against the other because it makes it more spicy, and actually when you get in there everyone is just happy to be with everybody else. We don't want a battle.” And on her Oscar win, she added: "More than anything I think they're all just bored of me turning up so they're hoping now I have the award I won't be back! But I like it here. It's a fun night out. And I don't get out much!"

Back to the real world

It's back to the day job for Gabourey Sidibe now that her big night at the Oscars is over. The Precious star says she'll go back to her desk job unless she can go for laughs in her next movie. “I've done a serious role and now I want to be funny,” says Gabourey. “So I'm still holding on to my job just in case it doesn't work out. I work for the Fresh Air Fund and we send kids to camp. I love it but we'll have to see what happens.”

Renner dumb from Hurt hoorays

The red carpet got a little too much for The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner and all his megastar groupies. The actor was seen wandering bewildered around the Kodak Theater after a succession of pats on the back from Hollywood's finest. “I've got people walking up to me like Jack Nicholson and they all know my name,” Renner told our Oscar insider. “The trouble is everything they say after that just goes blank because I'm so in awe. It's amazing to meet these people and have them talk to me let alone say how much they appreciated my performance. I'm blown away.”

Scary new status

Brit beauty Carey Mulligan has been dubbed the new “It Girl” of Hollywood, thanks to her Oscar nomination — but she just can't get her head around it. Carey admits she has never been a party girl so all the new-found attention is a lot to bear. “I do find the ‘It' thing weird though. And ‘It Girl' to me has always meant somebody who is like a socialite. It implies a party girl to me, which I'm not really. The other stuff is just beyond strange for me. That is difficult for me to comprehend. It's good. It just feels very weird.”