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GaGa hits back at Idol gossip

Lady GaGa has shot down suggestions she might be an American Idol judge by attacking the whole concept of TV talent contests. The 23-year-old Poker Face singer has denied rumours that she was asked to take over from Paula Abdul as an Idol judge and says she won’t be joining Simon Cowell’s hit show in the future either. “I did appear on the show but I am not going to be a judge,” says GaGa. “I generally feel uncomfortable judging other artists anyway. I don’t feel a musician’s life is a contest. It’s more about growing and struggling and playing live. It would be very uncomfortable for me to judge someone else.”

I’ve got no dough!

Jamie Oliver is not only a Naked Chef, he’s skint too! The superstar cook has played down talk of all the millions he is earning from his restaurant chains and TV shows, claiming he barely has any money in the bank. “Over the last eight years, I’ve invested most of my dough in people so I ain’t got no juicy money in my bank account,” says Jamie. “It’s in restaurants and staff and that’s it. I have no retirement package per se. It’s all in creating things and doing things.”

Adam gets serious

Hollywood funnyman Adam Sandler is too funny for his own good. The Wedding Singer star says his reputation as a comedian and a prankster is now at a point where he’s funny even when he doesn’t want to be. The situation came to a head on a recent promotional trip to the U.K. when Adam managed to offend his Funny People co-star Jonah Hill. “I was in England doing a TV show with Jonah and towards the end of the show I had to run to catch the plane,” explains Adam. “I yelled across this big studio full of people, ‘Jonah, I gotta go buddy, I got my plane to catch. It was great seeing you, have a safe trip yourself.’ The whole studio laughed about it and Jonah looked hurt like I was playing some joke. Even though I told everybody I was serious they didn’t stop laughing. Sometimes I don’t know what I am doing, but people seem to think it’s funny.”

Nat wants to act

Aussie beauty Natalie Imbruglia plans to return to acting — if only someone would hire her! The Johnny English star and singer has just released a new album but is also hoping to get back to her acting roots by going for Hollywood roles. “I would love to do more acting,” says Natalie. “Whether I would get any offer is another thing but I would love to do films. Well, I did an indie film but I just haven’t had much time. I would even do TV. There was a time when I would have said no but they are making such good shows now — especially in America. There are several film actors doing that to try and get better film roles.”

Dolled up for toy story

Hollywood beauty Jennifer Connelly has said how shocked she was at getting all dolled up for her animated movie debut. The Hulk actress provides the voice of one of the rag doll characters in new movie 9 but wasn’t prepared to see her character on the big screen. “They filmed us while we were recording so there were things the animators obviously picked up on that I certainly didn’t realise they would,” says Jennifer. “It was actually rather shocking to see myself as a rag doll. It’s funny to see all those mannerisms you never know you had, played out by a toy!”