J-Lo wants a bigger family

Yummy mummy Jennifer Lopez loves parenthood so much she can't wait to add to her brood. But J-Lo is not planning on a brother or sister for her twins Max and Emme any time soon as she knows you can't necessarily plan these things. “I want more babies, definitely. But you can't really plan your life. As much as you would like to and as much as you would like to say ‘I want to do this then and that then and this by that time, it is all going to be perfect' — that's not life. That's not how it is. You have to just be willing to go with what happens.

Too old for Valentine's Day?

Hollywood veteran Shirley MacLaine has been left wondering whether bosses on her latest movie are ageist. The 75-year-old Oscar-winner is conspicuous by her absence on the poster for ensemble movie Valentine's Day in which she stars with Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway among others. “There are all those faces on the poster but not mine,” says Shirley. “Maybe they decided I am too old for the poster or something. I don't know.”

All set for a holiday

If Sandra Bullock wins the Best Actress Oscar she may treat herself and her husband to a dream holiday watching television. The Blind Side star has been so busy with work she says she and hubby Jesse James haven't had any time to head off on vacation. But when they do go away they barely leave their room. “We haven't had a vacation in years. We keep talking about it but we still haven't been. We would like to go some place where there is 24-hour room service and then just lie in bed watching Spectra Vision. That's all.”

Scared of the catwalk

For such an extrovert it's surprising that Gwen Stefani would get scared about going on stage. Gwen says she has never been so nervous about going out in front of an audience as she has during one of her L.A.M.B. fashion shows at New York Fashion Week. “I do get nervous right before the girls go out, and I don't like going out there myself. The catwalk is just a different place to the stage. I find it so much scarier. Everyone is there and can be critical about your work. I'm proud of my work but it's a daunting place to be.”

Transitional phase

Robert Pattinson is sending his massive female fanbase into a frenzy by claiming his latest movie echoes his own coming-of-age story. The 23-year-old Twilight hunk ditches his vampire teeth to play a troubled lover in the romantic drama, Remember Me. And Robert says his role reminded him a lot of his own change from teen to 20 something. “It's that transitional thing when you are in your teens and early twenties when you feel every man is an island. You feel completely separate,” says Robert. “Then you get a little older and you understand you don't have to feel cynical about your feelings any more. Relationships become easier and you become your own person. That's what I identified with in the role.”