Heading for a heartbreak?

Renee Zellweger's unlucky-in-love streak looks set to continue after reports of a spat between her and Hangover beau Bradley Cooper. Friends say a rift has been caused by Renee's desperation to settle down with Bradley permanently — but he is resisting. “Renee and Bradley have really reached crunch time in their relationship,” reports one source close to the couple. “She really wants to tie the knot and make their relationship permanent but Bradley is still hanging on to his days as a bachelor. He loves her but he just isn't ready,” says a source close to the couple. “Renee hates the fact Bradley is still in touch with many of his exes. She knows he has a reputation as a ladies man so she really wants more commitment from him to prove that she is not just the latest in a long line of ladies.”

Mini Mia out of her Depp

Size really does matter for Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska — at least when it comes to Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp. The 20-year-old Aussie actor, who plays the title role in Tim Burton's new movie, says she missed out on working with Johnny as much as she liked because of a major size issue. “For a lot of the film, Alice is three-inches tall and she's on the Mad Hatter's hat or on his shoulder or in his pocket,” explains rising star Mia. “For scenes like that we shot separately. I would shoot my stuff then Johnny would shoot his which was a real pain. Eventually they did work out a way so we could shoot some scenes together, but it was very frustrating because Johnny is an amazing actor and you want to be with him in every scene.”

‘I'm not sexy'

Eva Longoria Parker has been classed as one of the world's sexiest women for years but she's having none of it. The Latina lovely doesn't even associate herself with being attractive and feels there are other women in Hollywood who are far more deserving of the title. “If I had to describe myself in one word it definitely would not be sexy. I don't feel I am,” she says.

Love hurts

Poor Kristen Bell really believes the adage that love hurts after scarring her leg while on a romantic scooter ride. The blonde beauty was being treated to a trip across Rome by her actor beau Dax Shepard when disaster struck and she burnt her leg and had to be seen to by medics. "You might notice Kristen has a scar on her leg," says her When In Rome co-star Josh Duhamel. "It is because her boyfriend Dax took her out on a Vespa for a sightseeing trip and she got a third degree burn on her leg. That was his way of showing his love — but she got burned. She is clumsy but I think the mood was kind of ruined after that."

Leo gets another drenching

Leonardo DiCaprio claims to have got even more of a drenching in his latest movie than he did aboard the Titanic. The 35-year-old Hollywood heartthrob says his experience shooting thriller Shutter Island was far harder and wetter than he experienced on James Cameron's blockbuster voyage. “There were wind machines blasting everything at us,” says Leo on the Martin Scorsese movie which is set in the grim surroundings of a maximum security mental institution. “We had more water thrown over us than I have ever known. It was worse than Titanic! Then we had live rats thrown at us. It was tough, especially having to give three pages of dialogue at the same time.”