Young filmmaker Ritwik Baiju's short film Pakalukalude Rani is a story of two lives

Upcoming filmmaker Ritwik Baiju’s latest work Pakalukalude Rani is a delightful, tongue-in-cheek look at the domestic scene in many Indian cities, especially Kerala. Based on a short story written by his mother, K.A. Beena, Ritwik has made a snappy short film that is bound to strike a chord with all homemakers, whether they work outside the home or inside.

Says Ritwik: “This was for a college project. After going through some of the short stories written by my mother, I felt this had the potential for a film. I did add a few scenes for the development of the narrative.”

Produced by his parents, Baiju Chandran and Beena, the film has been uploaded on YouTube. Cranked by Alex J. Pulickal, the film’s lead has been nicely played by Siju S. Nair. Music has been composed by Vishnu Shyam, Ritwik’s roommate in Loyola College, Chennai. “A fan of Vidyasagar, Vishnu moved to Chennai to get an opportunity to work with him,” says the director. Pakalukalude Rani has been edited by Appu Bhattathiri.

Ritwik’s craft lies in the sting at the tail of the film. Without spilling the beans, the youngster has woven a story of domesticity that does not reveal the twist in the take till the last minute. Here is a filmmaker to watch out for as he cautiously tests the water before putting on the director’s cap for the big screen.