‘Undhile Manchi Kalam Mundhu Mundhuna’, like the title, is a ‘positive film’

Arun Kanth, more known as Arun Dasyam, an architect is in the process of wrapping up his debut film as a director Undhile Manchi Kalam Mundhu Mundhuna. The title is positive, reflects hope and optimism; it is a line from a famous Telugu movie song.

Arun’s aim was to be a sound engineer but he moved to direction, after working as an assistant director for Sogaadu and Gaayam 2 he briskly formed a team and came up with Aam Aadmi Pictures as his banner. So did he want to capitalise on the Aam Aadmi party name? Arun denies the banner having anything to do with politics, “I’m not a political person at all. We all are from middle class background and felt the banner name was apt that reflects our aspirations. The movie is a blend of music and sports.”

Undhile Manchi Kalam Mundhu Mundhuna is a story of street drummer and a hockey player, played by young actor Sudhakar and a newcomer Karthik. Avantika Mohan and Neetu Chowdary from Punjab are first timers too. Radhika Sarat Kumar returns to Telugu cinema after more than a decade. We have Poornima and Naresh too in the cast. “I am here to entertain people didn’t want to give a strong message but yes, I put forth a point subtly. When I wanted to make a film on Indian hockey I did a google search but couldn’t find any info on the game, except the mention of Dhyanchand. I designed my character finally based on a hockey player Arjun Halappa. Radhika was on my mind ever since the script took shape, initially when we contacted her through a friend, she insisted on a detailed narration. I went to Chennai and narrated it and she agreed.”

Arun chose Visakhapatnam as the place of shoot, as people in certain areas of Vizag play hockey regularly. All the hockey players are from lower middle class families who cannot afford to play the game. They are unable to rise over a level and are not able to meet with success despite reaching the national level. “I chose the game out of respect for the National sport,” he informs. The film releases next month.