Kareena Kapoor on movies, masti and the man in her life

Kareena Kapoor has one rather distinctive quality. If you were thinking ravishing looks, then make that two. We're talking about speaking from the heart. This Kapoor girl does not follow rules even while talking to the media; that's something rare in Bollywood. When she wanted to work with SRK, she made no bones about it. When she thought of Aamir, it was out there for all to know.

So, when you ask her why she signed up for 3 Idiots, pat comes the reply: “I so wanted to work with Raju Hirani and Aamir. Anyone would have been out of her senses to not sign this film. And, I'd really rather do a shorter role than those glamorous roles and flit in and out of scenes.”

Kareena has been very busy since the release of 3 Idiots, with congratulatory messages pouring in, and a quick holiday with beau Saif Ali Khan for ringing in the New Year. But, since the start of the month, she's been keeping busy with star acts at award functions and stepping on the gas for Karan Johar's Indian adaptation of Stepmom, starring Kajol, Arjun Rampal and herself. “I love my role in this film. It has a lot of shades. It's more difficult than Dev, Chameli and Omkara,” says Kareena of her role. She will essay Julia Roberts' part in the film, that of the other woman who has to handle not only her lover's kids but also his divorcing wife (Susan Sarandon played by Kajol) who is battling cancer.

En route to her shoot for Karan's film, Kareena says she's put on weight and is loving it. While she definitely does not resemble the controversial ‘size zero', the actor cannot be called ‘well-fed' by any stretch of imagination! “But, it's true. I am eating a lot these days. I have put on weight and love myself this way,” says the actor who drew a lot of flak for her thin look. “I have decided this is the way I am going to be.”

After a bad year of flops, 3 Idiots came as a much-deserved hit. “Frankly, I take every year as it comes. No regrets. I personally get bored doing roles such as Kambakht Ishq,” she says, while you blink in surprise at her candour. “I enjoy doing it for my fans. They love to see me in glam roles. But, if you ask me right now, I am very greedy for more meaty roles such as the ones coming up this year,” says Kareena.

Besides Karan's film, Kareena is slated to work in a full-fledged role opposite one of her dream actors, Shah Rukh Khan, in Anubhav Sinha's Ra. One, where she plays SRK's wife. “My character is not what people are assuming it to be. I don't play a virtual babe who fights and kicks. It is a comic character; she's the fun and entertainment value in the film.”

As for Agent Vinod, Saif Ali Khan's Illuminati Films-produced espionage thriller directed by Shriram Raghavan, Kareena is super excited. “Again, it's not an action role as is being reported. I play a Pakistani CIA agent.” Ask her how Saif and she will be able to create magic at the box office when their two previous attempts — Tashan and Kurbaan — have failed, and she appears annoyed. “I don't think jodis should matter. Scripts are supreme, and we actors are mere puppets. How about focussing on the roles instead? And just for the record, Shahid and I had five flops in a row before we hit it with Jab We Met,” she retorts.

On the sets of Karan's Stepmom, Kareena is clearly enjoying the bond she shares with Kajol. “She and I get along like a house on fire. We are kind of similar; no-holds barred, spontaneous people. And, she's a lovely, intelligent actor,” says Kareena. While Wangdu and Chanchad were surnames she didn't want to take on in 3 Idiots, Kareena mulls over whether she wants to be a Khan soon. “Actually, I am quite proud of the Kapoor surname and would like to keep it for some more time. As for Khan, I'd give it a thought once this year is over,” she smiles.