The Youtube trailers are for real and so is his title of a ‘burning star’. More on Sampoornesh Babu

So what if he’s not on every city’s hoarding. He is flooding the internet and has over six lakh hits. He isn’t a chocolate boy nor does he have the killer looks to sweep girls off their feet. But yes, Sampoornesh Babu is for real. With ‘Sampoo’ for a pet name, he has no qualms about the jokes that people crack on every word he utters.

Tracking Sampoornesh lands us in Sardar Patel Nagar in Kukatpally, where the unit is shooting a hospital scene for the film Hrudaya Kaleyam. We spotted him wearing a blue and black horizontal striped hood. Endless takes to get a shot right don’t make him nervous or annoyed. Each time the director Steven Shankar says “Cut”, Sampoo makes sure he gives a better shot and all this with a lot of zeal.

Finally after the scene he takes a break and joins us. “I am very enthusiastic and I want to give my best shot,” he says. His team mates call him Chary and his smile and positive attitude keeps the team going.

So where did Sampoornesh emerge from? Is he a star kid? “I am from Siddipet and all I ever wanted to do was act. I did a small role for Krishna Vamsi; that was my first exposure to the screen. My family wants me to pursue my dream. The fate of this film will definitely help me chalk out my future plans,” he says. He prefers to be called Sampoo as that’s how his friends and family call him.

Clarifying certain comments he made on television, Sampoo says, “I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s sentiments when I said when so many people are acting why can’t I? It was a general statement and I am nobody to criticise, I am just as an actor.”

A self-declared movie buff, he is a big fan of actor Mohan Babu. “He is a great actor and a human being. His acting is unique and stands out,” he smiles. And among the leading ladies, Sampoo’s heart skips a beat for the hawa-hawai girl, Sridevi. “Among today’s leading ladies, I like Samantha,” he blushes.

He is quite good natured about being the butt of all jokes. He says it would hurt him if he over-estimated himself, “I am aware of what I am and if that provokes laughter and comments I see that I am being noticed.” Interestingly, Sampoo has already acquired a fan following, “It wakes my senses and spirit when I hear encouraging words. On a radio talk show I was told by callers to carry on with what I began and give it my best shot. Such words of encouragement are a big blessing,” he says. His online fans fondly call him the ‘Burning Star.’

Quite the realist, Sampoo will look at what offers he lands after the release of the movie. If things don’t go well, he will simply go back to what he was doing and wait for another big opportunity.

Meanwhile, in his debut movie Sampoo gets to romance two heroines and the movie, a love story, is scheduled for August release.