The heroine of Jai Ho, Daisy Shah, talks about entering Bollywood and her love for dance

From being an assistant to dance choreographer Ganesh Acharya to playing the lead in Jai Ho, for Daisy Shah it has been a dream-come-true to share screen space with Salman Khan. The actor talks about the experience of facing the camera and being the macho Khan’s co-star.

Salman Khan first offered you the chance to play the second lead in Bodyguard. Since you have worked your way up from junior artiste to playing the lead in some South Indian films, why did you refuse it?

I had to gather a lot of courage to say ‘no’ to Salman Khan for that role. I was in a dilemma and I took a good 10 days to revert to him. I love dancing; it’s like a stress-buster for me, and also almost everybody in the industry knows that I am a good dancer, but this particular character had no scope for dancing. Also, I was not convinced with the role. When you aren’t sure of something, it is better that you don’t do it.

When you refused was it in the hope that he would return with a better offer?

Never. When I said ‘no’, I thought I had lost him forever. But after not being in touch at all, I got a call from him after a year-and-a-half out of nowhere. It was very surprising.

So what excited you about Jai Ho? Was it because you got a chance to showcase your dancing skills?

No, that’s not the reason. I had said ‘no’ to Salman’s offer once, I didn’t want to do that again. So I had decided no matter what the script was it would be a ‘yes’ from me. There was no narration for me and I got the confirmation just a day before we started shooting. I had no idea what the story line was or what my character was... nothing.

And did you like your character when you got to learn more?

I could connect because the girl was from a Gujarati family and so am I. Besides, she loved dancing.

Salman is said to be over-protective about you.

I love the care and support I am getting from him. I have no complaints. I feel Salman is the only person who has the guts to cast new people.

How was Sohail Khan as a director?

He is the most easygoing director. I have never seen him panic. Salman sir panics.

Heroines whom Salman has helped such as Sonakshi and Katrina have made it big. Do you see yourself joining that league?

To be honest, yes. But it will be an overconfident statement, so I can only say I hope to see myself there.

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