There's been no film since Indira.

There's been no good story since Indira. I must like a story enough to take it to celluloid. In the last few years, there have been a few mishaps in the family, including my father's accident. This August I started writing a story; let's see how it takes shape.

Why have you cut down on acting assignments?

I have not. I've completed a Malayalam film, and two each in Kannada and Telugu. I'm working for two more Kannada films. In Tamil, I'm doing Kaadhalukku Maranamillai, Balam and Thillalangadi. Interestingly, actor Prabhu and Raja (Jeyam Ravi's brother) told me they were a little hesitant to ask me if I'd work for the film. I told them I was always open to good roles.

What is your contribution to husband Mani Ratnam's films?

I'm his confidante. Of course, I write the dialogues for his films (except Guru). I've written for Raavan too. But, recently I refused to watch the rushes of the film, because I wanted to watch the entire film as any other film-goer.

Who can forget your performance in Paalaivanasolai, Goburangal Saivadillai and Sindubhairavi? Favourites among your movies?

Nenjathai Killaadhe and Sindubhairavi (Tamil), Swathi (Telugu), Amirthavarshini (Kannada), and Vanaprasatham (Malayalam).

What's your take on the new Paalaivanasolai?

Back then, boy-girl relationships were different. Today, the story is not relevant — it was perfect for that generation. The difference is that we were all new to the field, and struggling to get the acting right. But in the new version, the actors have done a good job.