Are female comedy actors rare in Tamil cinema?

We can't say that. T. A. Madhuram, Manorama, Ramaprabha Madhavi, ‘Kovai' Sarala… each of us had our own style. We lent variety to comedy scenes. But the trend changed when the hero and the heroine started doing comedy themselves. I feel this has deprived comediennes of chances. I wish the scenario changes.

Do we need comedy in cinema?

Of course. It provides relief to movie goers.

With female comedy actors becoming rare, why are you not getting enough offers?

I am very choosy about roles. The films I have acted in so far are replete with glamour and comedy. Even today, people like me and my comedy. I am also fortunate to get good songs in my movies.

Why did you switch to comedy when you were playing heroine roles?

Youthful love stories were few and far between then. When I was doing heroine subjects I got the film Kadhalikka Neramillai. I hesitated to accept it. But the way director Sridhar narrated the story featuring three couples, I accepted it. Moreover, it was a colour film. Now everybody accepts the fact that the film changed the trend in the Tamil film industry. Following this, I became a glamorous comic artiste.

What about doing character roles?

I don't want to do films just for the sake of appearing on screen. One can't forget my roles in Sadhumirandhal and Priyasaki. I now play grandmother in films such as Attanayagan and Gouravargal. I feel there is no age limit for doing comedy. I am happy doing roles that suit me now.