Why do you get into controversies so often?

It is my not-so-good time that people believe all frivolous news reports about me. As I do not react to them, it doesn’t mean they’re true.

What is your aim?

I want to go as far as my father Nagesh did in the film industry. At present, I’ve achieved just five per cent of what he did, and have a very long way to go.

Do you like playing characters with negative shades as you have done in the recent?

I am ready for any role that gives me ample scope to perform. I want to do all kinds of roles like my father and Nadigavel M. R. Radha and prove my mettle. So far, I have done 75 films in the four South Indian languages, and I’ve played the lead in 45.

You were a wonderful dancer. Do you still dance?

I can do any type of dance once I see it. I first began to dance at a cultural programme in my college after seeing my father’s film Neerkumuzhi. My father and my college principal appreciated my dancing skills. There are three shields in the college even now, which I won for my dance programmes. If there was a song sequence in a film, the legendary Sundaram master would ask me to demonstrate the steps. He gave me full freedom to improvise, knowing full well I could perform without practice. Dance is in my blood and it comes to me spontaneously.