Three people's trajectory as the men with a mission take off from a village whose people are fed up with their behaviour and are looking for some peace. The vagabonds decide to go to a friend's place in Vijayawada and there they are astounded to see their pal who looks as dark as black bitumen married to a foreigner he met in Goa and is now on the verge of settling down in London.

Inspired by the friend's life, these three men resolve to go to Goa to similarly woo, marry and settle down with a foreigner. But before they flee, they carry the deity's ornaments from their village temple hoping that it would come handy in the event of any crisis.

The first half of the film is dripping cool, with all the three befriending strangers in Goa who give them a complete face lift in terms of looks, behaviour, language, painting, tinkering and also introduce them to women.

The men, now done with all the grooming process, are all set to hitch the white-skinned women. So far so good, but from here onwards the script drags, stretches aimlessly with most of the screen time focusing on their drinking, flirting, partying and building relationships. The censor certificate mentions the length of the film as nine reels but the story goes on and on. There is a scene in which Sneha tells Vaibhav that she is keen on taking the relationship to the next level; well forget the next level, the story gets stuck at that point.

The director suddenly remembers he need to take the film to a logical conclusion and unites all the friends and conflicting people to retrieve the deity's ornaments gifted to Sneha, which she had hidden it in a safe vault. Mission accomplished, the trio wants to return to the village and start life on a clean slate.

To make the story lively, we get to see gay relationships and some peppy music. It could have been more enjoyable and engaging if it were some 20 minutes shorter. Telugu actor Vaibhav looks very comfortable before the camera. Piaa and Sneha have an overwhelming presence; all the characters appear cool which defines their performance. Bereft of any smart lines, the drama stands out visually and for most of its running time it will keep one engaged.


Cast: Vaibhav, Premji, Jai

Direction: Venkat Prabhu

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Genre: Rom-com

Plot: Three vagabonds return to their roots enlightened

Bottomline: Director’s prism of Goa cool yet ordinary.

Keywords: Tollywood