Ammavin Kaippesi

What it is about…

The audio of Thankar Tiraikkalam’s Ammavin Kaipesi was recently released by Parivendar, and received by Thamizharuvi Manian in the presence of the film’s cast and crew. Besides taking care of the camera, dialogue, script and direction, Thankar Bachan has played an important character in the film. Edited by Kishore T.E., the music of Ammavin… is scored by Rohit Kulkarni. The cast comprises Shanthanoo, Iniya, Nagi Needu, Meenal, director Azhagamperumal, Revathi, Thambi Chozhan and N.S.K. Senthilkumar. The story is about how a mobile phone becomes an inevitable part of a mother and son’s life.

Music highlights

The album has eight tracks, three of them instrumental. The best, a semi-classical composition, is ‘Amma Thane’, sung with feeling by Haricharan, and written by Ekadasi. ‘Enna Senji Pore’, a romantic song, rendered by Rajiv Sundaresan and written by Na. Muthukumar, also has a classical touch, being based on raga Hamsadhwani. Instruments such as nadaswaram and thappattai give it a Tamil flavour. ‘Podu Thillale’, written by Ekadesi, sung by Pushpavanam Kuppusamy and Ragini Sri, is in Therukoothu style with rhythm and percussion instruments giving it a local feel. ‘Nenjil Yeno’, rendered by Harini, is sung again by Haricharan. ‘Amaithiyai Thedi’ is an instrumental number — the melodious cello leaves an impact. Another instrumental theme, ‘Prasath Character’, is equally interesting. ‘Thalai Mudhal Paadham Varai’, again an instrumental track, begins with karagaatam sounds but ends with a western flourish.

What they say…

Producer and director Thankar Bachan: The film is based on a novel I wrote and published in 2008. Rather than write a fresh story, it was simpler for me to work on a story that was already available. As none came forward to play my role, I was compelled to don the greasepaint. After directing eight films, apart from Azhagi, Pallikoodam and Onbathu Rupai Nootu, here’s yet another storyline, one which aims at making viewers reflect about the way parents, especially mothers, are treated. I plan to request the theatre owners not to switch on the lights for at least two minutes after the film is over, so that the audience can spend those moments pondering over their own relationship with their mother.

Hero Shanthanoo: I was watching an IPL match, when I got a call from my father K. Bhagyaraj. He informed me that director Thankar Bachan had told him about his film and wanted me to play a role in it. My father and I were always interested in working on films directed by experts. I met Thankar immediately and he outlined the story and my character Annamalai, which he felt offered me ample scope to showcase my acting skill. The shoot commenced after I attended a month-long workshop. I must say what I learnt there worked wonders on my performance.

Music director Rohit Kulkarni: I started learning music when I was only 11. I am a keyboardist and pianist. I learnt Hindustani and Carnatic music from various teachers in Bangalore and Mumbai. I have played the keyboard for 100 movies and under several music directors such as Anu Malik and Viju Shah. I have done the background score for the Hindi films Chalo Dilli and Dus Kahaniyaan and for the Tamil film Porkalam. When Thankar Bachan approached me to score the music for his film, I was delighted. More satisfying is the fact that my work is being well-received.


Between Bachan and Bhagyaraj!October 6, 2012