After much-acclaimed films Aamir and No One Killed Jessica, Rajkumar Gupta is now ready with a zany comedy Ghanchakkar

Rajkumar Gupta is in no hurry to make films. He made his first in 2008 (Aamir). He got instantly noticed with this critically-acclaimed film even though it had a new actor. He had big stars approaching him for his second (No One Killed Jessica) which came in 2011, three years later. With Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan cast opposite each other in unique roles, this director proved that he was out to do something different. His latest (Ghanchakkar) is ready after another two-year gap.

The breaks hardly distract him. Instead he manages to get people talking every single time there is a release and speculating about every film of his when it is in the making. “I have only one thought when I make a film and it’s not why it’s taking me so much time to do it. The story has to appeal to me and it definitely has to be different from my previous work,” says the director, who has directed three diverse films — one about Islamic terrorism, the second based on a true criminal incident in Delhi and his latest, a madcap comic thriller.

Casting coup

It’s being hailed as a casting coup again with UTV Motion Pictures’ Ghanchakkar starring Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan. Vidya plays a loud Punjabi woman who bullies her husband and wears outlandish clothes. Emraan plays a subtle guy who is an expert lock-breaker. They make for a quirky couple and the story is about how Emraan loses his memory after his last big robbery. “I thought it was a great subject.

I never wanted a casting coup or anything. However, I had signed on Vidya and Emraan much before they came together for The Dirty Picture. I thought Vidya could take this character to another level altogether and I cast Emraan for the cocky attitude his body language portrays,” says the director. The dialogues of the film are a rage already and the film’s characters, including Emraan’s cronies, are getting popular. “We meant to make a really crazy film and it will keep you guessing about its next move. If we succeed in that, it will be mission accomplished!” he adds.

The Jharkhand-born director who has worked his way up humbly says he feels blessed that stars and production houses are seeking him out. “It’s still a long way ahead. But I feel good that my hard work has paid off. A script from me gets a serious hearing now!” he laughs.