Illuminating indeed

B. Unnikrishnan says he plans to move into production next year. “It will be called Illumination; a production house that will make the kind of films that enthuse me. The films, I feel, ought to be made,” says the director whose latest film, ‘Pramani,' a Mammottty-starrer, reaches theatres next week. “I have made some money in films and I am investing that back in films.” Here is one film buff putting his money where his mouth is!

New direction

Film actor Jagdish also has ambitious plans up his sleeve. While his Appukuttan (his character in ‘Harihar Nagar’), will regale his fans again this month in a new adventure, the actor has gone on to make his mark on the small screen too as a judge and host of various shows that scout for future comedians. According to reports, the actor will turn director later this year with a script written by him; a film starring Mammootty in the lead. Proves that Malayalam cinema is full of versatile artistes who are constantly reinventing themselves.

Chip off the old block

Speaking of versatility, actor-turned-producer Maniyan Pillai Raju is all praise for Vineeth Sreenivasan, who seems to be all set to better his father, Sreenivasan, who has gone places as an actor, writer and director. Vineeth is calling the shots in his first directorial venture, ‘Malarvadi Art Club.' “This youngster is someone to watch out for. His debut films stars newcomers in the lead. That itself is a brave decision. Moreover, not only has he written the script of the film, but also the lyrics of the songs in the movie,” says Raju. Donning the cap of a lyricist should not have been a tough task for Vineeth who has already topped the charts as a singer and lyricist.

Sanskrit speak

While cinema sees new talent blooming in its departments, Mohanlal, now Dr. Mohanlal, is keen to reach theatre buffs in a new Sanskrit play directed by none other than eminent playwright Kavalam Narayana Pannikar. Their dream is rework a classic Kalidasa work for a contemporary audience. Acting, proves Mohanlal, has no frontiers.